VMware believes that technology will play a critical role in building an equitable, accessible and inclusive digital future. With our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, we are redefining the workplace of the future. We empower employees with equal opportunity, inclusive leadership and increased flexibility. With our partners, we work to close the digital skills gap in marginalized communities and make digital transformation more accessible for all.

2030 Trust Agenda

Our 2030 Goals 

Anywhere Workforce

Enable our customers’ distributed workforces to be productive and engaged wherever they are working.

Equitable Pay

Drive equity through equitable pay.

Digital Skills

Advance technical and digital skills acquisition around the world.

Supplier Diversity

Support diversity in our supply chain by increasing spend with diverse-owned and underrepresented suppliers.

Technology Accessibility

Ensure the technology we develop is accessible for all.

Diversity & Inclusion Equity

Drive equity through doubling down on diverse hiring and inclusive leadership.

Dynamic Workforce

Build a diverse, innovative workforce by meeting talent where they are and how they want to work.

Nonprofit Digital Transformation

Accelerate nonprofits’ digital journeys.

Engagement & Wellbeing Programs

Empower our employees through accessible, inclusive and innovative engagement and wellbeing programs.

Culture of Service

Foster a culture of service among our global communities.

Our 2030 Agenda 


VMware is committed to building and protecting trust with all stakeholders - our customers, partners, shareholders, people, and communities.

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VMware is committed to decarbonization for our customers, supply chain and operations.

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