Navigating complex organizations through moments of major transformation requires clear strategy balanced with humility and empathy. At VMware, we’ve endured challenges in the past and we are again called to navigate through disruption while innovating for the future. Grit and resilience in particular have taken new meaning this year across our workforce, from managing through a global health crisis, to pivoting our workplace policies, systems and technology to enable a dynamic virtual workplace, literally overnight, to piloting courageous conversations about race and social justice in partnership with colleagues and community partners. Our community is also experiencing climate-related disruption from wildfires and other extreme weather events. In my role as chief people officer with executive oversight for many social, environmental and governance issues, it is clear that corporate responsibility as we have known it is being reshaped.  


In 2015, we articulated a vision of global impact across three pillars—our People, our Products and the Planet. At the time, our intent was to build on our long-standing commitment to create a better future by putting back more than we take. We defined a set of goals around our promise to be a force for good, rolled up our sleeves and got to work. Looking back, we achieved nearly all the goals we established five years ago. In this report, we share progress on our impact across People, Products and the Planet. We provide a summary of our Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) performance for 2019, and, for the first time, align our disclosures to the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  


Some of the milestones in this journey I am particularly proud of include: 


  • Growing our community. We added approximately 11,700 people to the VMware community (including the successful acquisition of 24 companies) 
  • Empowering a culture of service, with more than 22,100 VMware people supporting 10,000 nonprofits in 97 countries through the VMware Foundation
  • Embedding “giving” into our employee experience, from Citizen Philanthropy service grants to Principal Engineering grants and endowed scholarships on behalf of our Fellows
  • Launching VMinclusion, a business-led diversity and inclusion effort that is now a key component in our operating plans
  • Hosting Women Transforming Technology Conference annually, a unique consortium of companies focused on real-time relevant issues
  • Investing in the future with a $15 million grant to endow the Stanford VMware Women’s Leadership Innovation Lab
  • Black@VMware created the Social Justice Fund to raise awareness and support Black communities
  • Updating our hiring policies to help us meet our Diversity and Inclusion goals
  • Becoming a certified CarbonNeutral® company two years ahead of our goal and running our business on 100%renewable energy
  • Joining the United Nations Global Compact
  • Building a community microgrid on our campus


Our current reality is vastly different than when we started this journey just five years ago. As we prepare to operationalize a new vision for 2030 across everything we do, I anticipate that the “new normal” will be more dynamic and intersectional. It requires being agile, open and resilient while staying true to our values and our mission to tackle the impossible. With that, our strategic approach going forward is to embed a comprehensive set of ESG goals and actions into our business portfolio and long-term corporate priorities. As we reshape our approach to corporate responsibility from within, we continue our legacy of contributing more than we take, while sharpening our focus on advancing business outcomes through the pursuit of sustainable innovation, a mindset of inclusion, and earning the enduring trust of all our stakeholders.   


I continue to be inspired by the culture, talent and community that have made VMware a great place to work for more than two decades. Being a force for good is both a responsibility and a business imperative that we embrace with renewed conviction, awareness and humility. 


— BETSY SUTTER, Corporate Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer


Betsy Sutter