Sustainability is core to VMware’s values and future success. As a global corporate citizen, we are responsible for innovating for a more resilient world by decarbonizing digital infrastructure across our customer ecosystem, supply chain and operations. Through our collective efforts to drive net-zero emissions, radical efficiency, carbon-free clouds, and sustainable innovation, VMware will help accelerate a low carbon future.

2030 Trust Agenda

Our 2030 Goals 

Workload Carbon Efficiency

Accelerate productivity and carbon efficiency of customers’ digital operations.

Distributed Energy

Accelerate the transition to distributed energy.

E-Waste Responsibility

Drive e-waste responsibility throughout our operations.

Carbon Transparency

Enable transparency to the carbon reduction impact of VMware solutions.

Impact Investments

Invest in innovations at the intersection of social, environmental and financial impact.

Zero-Carbon Clouds

Catalyze the transition to zero-carbon clouds.

Water Resilience

Support water resilience amongst our global communities.

Net-Zero Emissions

Achieve net-zero carbon emissions for our operations and supply chain.

Business Resilience

Ensure business resilience from our physical infrastructure to our distributed workforce.

Sustainable IT Infrastructure Advocacy

Advocate for public policy that drives secure, resilient and sustainable IT infrastructure.

Our 2030 Agenda 


VMware is committed to building a future that is accessible, unbiased and inclusive for all.

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VMware is committed to building and protecting trust with all stakeholders - our customers, partners, shareholders, people, and communities.

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