Our 2020 Goals

Sustainable Products

Incorporate sustainability into every product release—making it easier for customers to create positive social and environmental impact.

Cleaner Clouds

Deliver technology that gives customers and partners data to make informed choices about cleaner clouds.

Customer Experience

Integrate sustainability into our customer experience.

Our 2019 Highlights 

Energy Avoidance

Enabled 47,968,000 MWh of energy avoidance in customer IT and data center operations through the use of virtualization solutions.

Worldwide Patents

Increased our worldwide patents and applications to 7,235.

Global Hackathon

Held first Global Hackathon with over 800 of our engineers from 32 cities.

Carbon Avoidance

Avoided over 1.2B MT CO2e through the use of products.

Research Papers

Submitted 560 research papers to our annual R&D innovation conference.

Reducing Carbon in Our Customers’ Digital Operations


Our products help customers significantly reduce energy costs and related carbon emissions associated with operating their digital infrastructure while providing scalability and simplified management.

Every year, since 2016, we’ve quantified the impact of IT infrastructure growth on carbon emissions. Since 2003, our product portfolio has helped our customers avoid over 1.2 billion metric tons of CO2. Read more in our IDC White Paper, “Enabling More Agile & Sustainable Business through Carbon-Efficient Digital Transformations.”

Hunting Zombies


When VMware migrated datacenters as part of a server refresh initiative in 2019, we discovered that a significant number of our VMs were zombies. To address this inefficiency, VMware implemented a process of targeting zombie workloads for reclamation.

Explore more about these experiences and lessons learned in the e-book, “Want to Cut Risks to Your Business? Go Zombie Hunting.”

Strengthening Non-Profit Digital Transformation


Technology has the power to help every organization succeed and scale. We’re optimistic that technology can help us address society’s most pressing issues; however, that’s only possible when technology is used in partnership with the people closest to these issues and integrated with their existing processes.

Nonprofit organizations often face many barriers to advance their digital journey, mostly due to resource constraints. Amid the challenges that the nonprofit sector faces in delivering upon their mission, we remain committed to accelerating nonprofit impact through digital transformation.

Our Global Impact 

Thriving Planet

We aspire to do more than our fair share to be at the forefront of environmental sustainability in our global business practices and operations.

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Empowered People

We aspire to build a diverse and inclusive environment that enriches lives at work, at home, and in the community – inspiring people to give more than they take.

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