VMware envisions a future where inclusive prosperity is possible — with all stakeholders safeguarded from cyberattacks threatening our digital world. By approaching innovation from a foundation of digital ethics and stewardship, executing transparent and ethical business practices, and focusing on intrinsic security and privacy-by-design, we aim to build and protect trust among our people, customers, partners, shareholders and communities.

2030 Trust Agenda

Our 2030 Goals 

Intrinsic Security

Enable a safer cyber world through Intrinsic Security.

VMware on VMware

VMware’s internal infrastructure to leverage its own software with a focus on trust, security, experience & sustainability.

Workforce Development

Enable our people to advance from every chair.

Fair & Ethical Practices

Advance fair and ethical business practices.

Social Impact Advocacy

Support public policy that drives social and environmental impact in IT.

Privacy by Design

Embed Privacy by Design across our products, services and operations.

Digital Ethics

Advance our approach to digital ethics and stewardship.

Integrated Reporting

Transition to integrated reporting, meeting or exceeding ESG disclosure standards.

Transparency for All Stakeholders

Accelerate accountability and transparency for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Sustainable Finance

Integrate sustainable metrics into our financial decision-making process.

Our 2030 Agenda 


VMware is committed to building a future that is accessible, unbiased and inclusive for all.

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VMware is committed to decarbonization for our customers, supply chain and operations.

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