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Sogeclair Aerospace


Sogeclair Aerospace relies on VMware Horizon and VCE to guarantee flexibility and security for its transnational projects

"We opted for VCE Vblock, the joint package from Cisco, EMC and VMware, which runs VMware Horizon View (VDI) for virtualisation of workstations. This attractive package relies on a shared architecture, providing a machine that integrates hardware, software, storage and network connections, along with their associated maintenance needs. It is fully integrated, with all components mutually compatible. To start with, we virtualised 200 workstations in France. Eventually, users across 14 sites will benefi t from this technology. "

— Jacques Dejean, Information Security Manager

Zebra Technologies


Zebra Technologies Masters a Massive Merger with a Hybrid Cloud Using VMware NSX and vRealize Suite

When Zebra Technologies bought Motorola Solutions’ Enterprise business in 2014, it also acquired 700 new applications and a massive daily hosting bill. To handle the influx, the company transformed its internal data center facilities to create a VMware-based private cloud. It extended that environment with the VMware vCloud® Air™ Dedicated Cloud service and chose VMware vRealize® Suite to manage the resulting hybrid private-public cloud secured by VMware NSX®. This tightly integrated environment delivered the flexibility needed to quickly migrate the Motorola workloads, retire the legacy hosting expense, and launch on-demand infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

“You need to have all these pieces: the Software-Defined Data Center, the public cloud service, the automation, the security, the operational visibility, and the financial transparency. VMware has sewn it all into a single software solution.”

— Scott Myers, Cloud Architect, Zebra Technologies

Queen's University


Queen’s University Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences Deploys VMware Virtual SAN Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solution to Speed Student and Faculty Access to Critical Applications

The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Queen’s University implemented VMware Horizon® desktop virtualization to enable access to critical applications. However, as the user base grew and applications became more resource-intensive, the existing storage solution couldn’t handle the increasing demand. Because of slowness accessing applications, students often sacrificed lab time. By replacing the overburdened storage infrastructure with the VMware Virtual SAN™ hyper-converged infrastructure solution, the university solved performance and capacity issues, while scaling storage cost-effectively.

“I was blown away with the implementation of VMware Virtual SAN and VDI. No single thing that we had done in the past had caused that extent of change from a user point of view.”

— Stephen Hunt, Director of Information Technology, Queen's University Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Southern States Cooperative


Southern States Cooperative Deploys Hundreds of Virtual Desktops with VMware in Less Than a Month

Southern States Cooperative wanted to standardize application delivery and centralize resource access for retail and agronomy locations along with field sales teams. Lacking a standardized method for deploying applications or monitoring point-of-sale activity in real-time, Southern States sought a virtualized platform capable of supporting more than 200 locations along with corporate office staff, without slowdown. Leveraging VMware Horizon® 6 Enterprise Edition, VMware Mirage™ and VMware App Volumes™, Southern States successfully deployed a fully virtualized solution in just one month with minimal resources.

“VMware Horizon has given us the ability to deliver software faster across our retail and sales teams. By being able to standardize our point-of-sale and information systems on a single platform, we're able to guarantee what the end user experience will feel like.”

— Steven Tupponce, Manager of Infrastructure Delivery Services, Southern States Cooperative

Peirce College


Peirce College Delivers Reliable Online Classes with VMware vCloud Air Solution

Peirce College is a leader in online education, and it offers nationally ranked online bachelor’s degree programs. As it expanded its online classes, Peirce needed a stronger technology infrastructure. Its previous colocation facility was expensive and prone to crashes, and its data-transfer rate was limited to 2GB an hour. When Peirce implemented VMware vCloud® Air™ Virtual Private Cloud for its data center, it increased data speed, cut costs, and achieved rock-solid reliability in the cloud.

Peirce College provides practical, career-focused education for working adults through high-quality and affordable classes. Founded in Philadelphia in 1865, Peirce was one of the first accredited colleges in the United States to offer complete online degree programs. U.S. News & World Report has repeatedly named the college’s online bachelor’s degree programs among the nation’s best.

"Moving to VMware was a no-brainer. I know VMware works and works well. Everything has been rock-solid and easy to manage."

— Michael Mozeliak, Director of IT, Peirce College

Zebra Technologies


Zebra Technologies Handles Massive Motorola Merger with VMware vCloud Air Solution

Zebra Technologies builds logistical solutions that identify, track, and manage critical assets, people, and transactions. The company's end-to-end solutions combine mobile computers, scanners, specialty printers, radio-frequency identification (RFID) labeling, software, and services to give physical things a digital voice and provide companies with visibility into their business. Headquartered in Lincolnshire, Illinois, Zebra operates in 81 countries and employs a workforce of more than 7,000.

When Zebra Technologies bought Motorola Solutions’ Enterprise business in 2014, it acquired 700 new applications and a massive hosting bill. By transforming its internal data center facilities to create a VMware private cloud, and by extending that environment with the VMware vCloud® Air™ service, Zebra created a hybrid private-public cloud with the scalability and flexibility to quickly migrate the Motorola workloads, retire the legacy hosting expense, and prepare for future growth.

"We have a cloud service provider who wrote the code that runs the cloud. If there's a problem with vCloud Air, VMware doesn't have to call anyone else. That made this a very simple decision."

— Kelly Jones, Consultant to the CIO, Zebra Technologies

Zebra Technologies


Zebra Technologies Rapidly Delivers Digital Workspaces Post Acquisition with VMware Horizon Air

Founded in 1969, Zebra Technologies Corporation started out as a leader in barcode printers and readers, providing companies with real-time manufacturing and logistics. In 2013, Zebra added to their portfolio of tracking and visibility technology with the Internet of Things (IoT) platform, Zatar. In 2014, Zebra acquired the enterprise business unit of Motorola Solutions, Inc., and now more than 7,000 employees in more than 110 offices around the world support the development and sales of Zebra software and hardware solutions. Zebra holds more than 4,200 asset management technology patents and employs more than 1,700 engineers. That commitment to innovation has landed Zebra on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2016. Today, Zebra’s primary mission is helping its global customer base, including more than 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies, harness real-world data for actionable business intelligence. Zebra Technologies needed to provide a digital workspace that would allow both existing and newly acquired employees to access the company network from anywhere. IT was exploring a hybrid-cloud approach for desktops to provide that flexibility to remote developers outside of headquarters in Lincolnshire, Illin. IT had been testing dinCloud for their Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution for about a year. However, end users complained about the product’s performance. For instance, when users moved their mouse, it dragged across the screen due to keyboard mapping issues that impacted response time.

"The performance was great, and the ease of deployment was really what sold Zebra on Horizon Air. It is incredibly easy to spin up a couple hundred desktops quickly. VDI became a huge success for us to get people onto Zebra’s network right through their basic Internet port.”

— Scott Myers, Cloud Architect, Zebra Technologies

NTT Data


NTT Data North America uses VMware Technologies to Optimize Infrastructure and Deliver a Private Cloud

Headquartered in the United States, NTT Data North America provides consulting, staffing, outsourcing, and cloud services. In 2008, NTT Data North America’s India development center virtualized its infrastructure to reduce server sprawl and reclaim datacenter real estate. As cloud based infrastructure as a service models matured, NTT Data North America’s India development center decided to transform the way it provided infrastructure resources to developers. The business used VMware IT Business Management to optimize its infrastructure investments. By late 2015, the center was preparing to launch a private cloud based on VMware vCloud Suite into production.

“VMware IT Business Management also enables us to customize values to more accurately reflect the returns we are achieving on our investments. For example, I can calculate and input a higher value for a server purchased in 2015 than a server purchased in 2010, and add the necessary changes to the cost of a virtual machine being used by a particular business unit.”

— Parag Desai, Vice President, National Informatics Centre



Leonardo-Finmeccanica: the digital transformation of infrastructure starts with a software-defined data center

The Security & Information Systems division at Leonardo-Finmeccanica has embarked on a transformation. It begins with the development of infrastructure technology to achieve agility and simplicity in the provision of IT services. Leonardo-Finmeccanica has selected VMware as the provider of the best technology solutions and advisory services to create a software-defined data center.

“It is a decisive project for us, and this was the best time to implement it. VMware has proven to be the right partner to do it with, and they have provided support of the highest quality.”

— Andrea Campora, Senior Vice President Cyber Security & ICT Solutions

California Natural Resources Agency


Hybrid Cloud Management Unifies California Natural Resources Agency

The California natural resources agency is a collection of 28 different agencies many which had their own dedicated IT departments. The goal was to consolidate and share a common infrastructure yet give each group has their own autonomy in terms of resources, security, network traffic, etc. The Central IT group became an independent provider of infrastructure and application services that resided both on premise and in the public cloud. The ability to dynamically place workloads and stretch their infrastructure by utilizing vCloud Air was extremely beneficial to delivering IT service more efficiently. vRealize Suite automated the delivery of services and then allow proactive monitoring while allowing IT to better understand costs and share that info with the business. The result is IT being perceived as a business enabler while at the same time reducing operational costs by 30% and increasing capacity by 300%.

California Natural Resources Agency


CNRA Changes the Way They Do Networking with VMware NSX and vRealize Automation

The California Natural Resources Agency (CNRA) needed to find a way to meet the rapidly growing needs of 33 different organizations for secure, reliable and high performing infrastructure and applications. CNRA infrastructure is based on VMware’s Software Defined Data center to configure compute, storage, networking and security services. VMware NSX allows network and security to be configured dynamically to meet the unique needs of each business. vRealize Automation provides the appropriate governance regarding networking and security policies. The combination not only allows CNRA IT to accelerate time to market for their different organizations while also improve reliability of the services delivered and lowering costs. CNRA has been able to increase technology delivery capabilities by 300% while reducing costs by 30%.

California Natural Resources Agency


IT Transformation at California Natural Resources Agency (CNRA)

The California Natural Resources Agency’s mission is to protect and manage the natural resources in the State of California. CNRA is a collection of 33 different agencies which had their own dedicated IT departments. The goal was to consolidate and share a common infrastructure yet give each group has their own autonomy in terms of resources, security, network traffic, etc. VMware has been on the journey with CNRA from day one. The result is IT being perceived as a business enabler while at the same time reducing operational costs by 30%, increasing capacity by 300% and faster time to market.

ATS Automation


ATS Automation Accelerates VDI Performance by 7x with VMware Virtual SAN at One-Fifth the Cost of Competing Solutions

ATS Automation wanted to expand their virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) but found that doing so with their existing SAN would be cost prohibitive. By implementing VMware Virtual SAN™ to support their VMware Horizon® virtual desktop infrastructure, ATS was able to improve VDI performance by 7x, enabling remote workers to use demanding 3D CAD programs for the first time. Moreover, the cost for the solution was only one-fifth the cost of competitor offerings.

“From no one wanting to use VDI, we’ve evolved to now everyone wants it, and they are happy. It enabled our remote workers to do something they couldn’t reliably do before. It really improved their ability to work with performance-hungry apps.”

— Drew Kemp, Senior Systems Administrator, ATS Automation

Phoenix Software


Phoenix Software delivers SaaS service run on VMware vCloud Air

Phoenix Software is a UK Solution Provider partner which owns a traditional software company, an ISV, called License Dashboard. License Dashboard wants to deliver a SaaS service and as the software already runs on VMware the easiest way forward is to deliver this software from vCloud Air. A further advantage is that License Dashboard will be able to deliver SaaS services around the world by using vCloud Air’s datacenters across the globe.

A.T. Still University


A.T. Still University greatly improves firewall performance and security with cost-effective VMware NSX solution

ATSU revolutionized its schools and clinics with the cost-effective security solution, VMware NSX, which increases firewall performance, meets HIPAA compliance, automates services, and improves agility, resulting in more affordable tuition and better healthcare services.

“VMware NSX is the most revolutionary development in our data center security in more than a decade. Not only do we save a significant amount of money in hardware costs, the micro-segmentation available through VMware NSX provides a dramatically more secure design than we could get with a physical firewall with DMZs.”

— Iain Leiter, Network Engineer, A.T. Still University



Secure-24 Lowers Costs, Speeds Deployment, and Gains Flexibility by Virtualizing SAP HANA with VMware vSphere Solution

As a certified SAP partner, managed cloud services provider Secure-24 has hosted systems using the SAP HANA in-memory database since it was released in 2010. Yet unlike the majority of the applications Secure-24 hosts, SAP HANA was only available as a dedicated physical appliance—until recently, when SAP opened the door to virtualizing SAP HANA via the VMware vSphere® platform. Today, Secure-24 offers a more flexible SAP HANA service at a significantly reduced cost utilizing vSphere virtualization. Founded in 2001 in Southfield, Michigan, Secure-24 provides managed hosting and private cloud services to medium and large global enterprises. With a focus on application hosting, Secure-24 relies on more than 500 employees and a network of Tier IV and Tier IV+ data centers to deliver highly secure and highly available services that scale to meet clients’ evolving business and budget requirements.

“There’s a clear and growing desire in the marketplace to be able to take advantage of the power of SAP HANA without a huge capital outlay. VMware allows us to fulfill that desire by offering a virtualized solution.”

— Len Landale, Vice President of ERP and Application Hosting, Secure-24

National Informatics Centre


VMware helps the Indian government revolutionize service delivery to citizens

National Informatics Centre (NIC) is the premier ICT organization of the Indian Government. It works closely with central & state government departments, agencies, and district administration to deliver e-governance services. The organization has undertaken the largest-ever deployment in the Indian government to establish a VMware-powered private cloud. This enabled NIC to reduce the time required to provision ICT resources for government projects from six months to a few days, further lowering costs by consolidating its technology infrastructure & enabling government departments to focus on innovation rather than administration.

“The six months required to procure, commission, and install hardware is a thing of the past. Departments simply send us an online request and the infrastructure they need is available in a day or two from the National Cloud.”

— Ms. Neeta Verma, Deputy Director General, National Informatics Centre



Zettagrid Improves Availability by Easing Public Cloud Management with VMware Virtual SAN Solution

Operating the easiest, fastest, and most highly available public cloud in its market, Zettagrid is constantly looking for ways to improve the infrastructure and services it provides to customers. When it came time to future-proof its architecture to ensure performance and service delivery, it turned to the VMware Virtual SAN™ solution to increase storage capacity. In the process it gained operational efficiencies, lowered operating costs, and became agile enough to grow its IT environment with the business.

“Virtual SAN allows us to have the best-of-breed HCI technology. The simplicity and flexibility is such a massive factor. It makes it easy for our cloud operations team to manage storage along with our VMware environment, and it also allows us to scale as and when we need it.”

— Anthony Spiteri, Lead Architect, Zettagrid

Kingston University


Delivering an innovative mobile-first working environment for Kingston University

Students and staff at Kingston University explain how, by using VMware technology, the university is able to provide a modern, efficient and highly flexible working environment for it students.

“Students expect the same level of technology they have at home. Horizon allows us to deliver the technology experience our students really need – IT is seen as an enabler in helping students, our main customers, to concentrate solely on their studies."

"I fully believe that Kingston University now offers one of the best IT services of any university within the UK – it’s something we’re immeasurably proud of and our IT service offerings now play a key role in our marketing and retention propositions.”

— Simon Harrison, CIO, Kingston University

Sungard Availability Services


VMware Expertise and Professional Services Speed Time to Market for Sungard AS

With help from a VMware Dedicated Enterprise Technical Account Manager, Sungard AS stays ahead of the technology curve to bring agile, resilient, and innovative new services to market quickly.

“We work with our TAM on everything from aligning technology roadmaps to getting educated on new products that VMware is developing. The goal is to continually improve our existing offerings, while introducing new services that benefit our customers.”

— Eric Sturm, Technical Architect, Sungard AS
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