Michael Dell - Advice for Technology and Business Leaders

Michael Dell urges technology leaders, as well as business leaders, to put technology at the center of everything they do and to create the urgency needed to transform before their competitors do.


Watch the video to get Michael Dell’s perspective on innovation, experimentation, and transformation as well as the importance of leveraging the data from your organization in order to gain the necessary insights to take action.


Executive Perspective: Inside the Largest Tech Merger and the CIO Lessons Learned

Navigating the largest tech deal in history is serious business. How did two massive tech giants each with entrenched cultures come together to form the world’s largest end-to-end integrated technology company, and what can other CIOs learn from this? Regardless if you’re undergoing a similar integration, the technical and soft skills to navigate the cultural, technical, and operational implications of a merger, re-org, acquisition, or new business model are the same.

With candid insight from the VMware CIO who helped make it happen, this brief gives practical advice for any leader navigating the ins and outs of successful change management.

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