Help for Combine License Files


The Combine License Files page displays the license files selected to be combined into a single license file. The new license file you create replaces all license files being combined.


Note: You cannot combine license files that use different licensing models or contain product licenses from different product families.

  1. Review the list of license files to combine. If you want to change your selections, click Cancel to return to the Manage Licenses page.
  2. In the Comments box, specify the description for your new combined file.

    The comments can act as an internal name system when generating multiple license files. For example, you can enter the name of the server where the file will reside or the name of the specific project for which the file is created. The comments you enter appear in the My License Files table on the Manage Licenses page.

Click Combine to create a new license file and go to the View License File page, then retrieve your file.


Important: After you create a combined license file, you must retrieve the new license file and install it on the appropriate server for your licensing changes to take effect.

Product Licensing Demo

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