Delivering High-Performance Graphics for Virtual Desktops

VMware and NVIDIA have partnered to deliver immersive, high-performance 3D graphics for virtual desktops that can be easily accessed across devices and locations – more affordably than ever. Customers can get a graphics experience that's equivalent to dedicated hardware delivered with the cost-effectiveness that only GPU virtualization can provide. VMware Horizon with NVIDIA GRID enables organizations across the globe to easily support real-time collaboration with 3D applications at scale.


VMware and NVIDIA Powering Virtualized 3D Workflows Everywhere

Watch this video from Sumit Dhawan (VMware) and Andrew Cresci (NVIDIA) on how VMware and NVIDIA can help your business enable people to work from anywhere using any device.

VMware Horizon and NVIDIA GRID Solutions: Delivering Accelerated, Immersive Virtual Desktops and Apps

VMware Horizon with NVIDIA GRID delivers rich, immersive virtual workspaces for every use case, from office workers to designers, easily accessed across devices and locations, more affordably than ever before. Leveraging a single platform based on the industry’s leading hypervisor, vSphere, VMware Horizon with NVIDIA GRID ensures that every virtual desktop user can enjoy a graphics experience that’s equivalent to physical PC’s and workstations, delivered with the cost-effectiveness that only GPU virtualization can provide.



Customer Case Study: Populous

See how Populous, international architecture and design firm, leverages VMware Horizon with NVIDIA GRID.


VMware and NVIDIA GRID Explained

Watch this video to get a quick overview of accelerated desktops with NVIDA GRID.

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VMware Horizon 7 with NVIDIA GRID 

Immersive Graphics for Every User


Offer performance that’s indistinguishable from physical PC’s or workstations across a wide range of devices

  • Enable wider business mobility: With virtual workspaces that deliver a physical PC experience for every office worker, and every app including office productivity, multimedia and more.
  • Workstation-class graphics: Extending the trusted benefits of NVIDIA Quadro, NVIDIA GRID Virtual Workstation delivers rich, GPU-accelerated graphics with workstation-class performance to end users across locations and devices from PCs, Macs, Thin Clients, Chromebooks, tablets and mobile devices to maximize workplace productivity.
  • Secure, real-time collaboration from the cloud: Support for secure, cloud-based access to large graphics datasets to enhance workspace collaboration for power users and designers.

Data Security and Certified Applications


Gain peace of mind with centralized data protection, and certification by NVIDIA and VMware for leading 3D applications

  • Greater security for mission-critical data: Centralization of graphics data sets helps enable greater security across multiple locations and devices.
  • Certification for industry’s leading 3D applications: Full support with NVIDIA and VMware for the industry’s leading ISV applications like Siemens and ESRI, for fast and easy ramp up for organizations across all industries at scale.

Single Platform, Lower Costs


Only Horizon 7 provides customers with a single solution that includes the leading hypervisor vSphere, to deliver NVIDIA GRID more affordably than ever before

  • NVIDIA GRID Ready: VMware vSphere and NVIDIA bring the full power of graphics acceleration to VMware Horizon virtual desktops with best-in-class performance, high consolidation ratios and reduced storage requirements.
  • Lower cost of acquisition: VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus comes bundled with every edition of Horizon 6, allowing customers to get started with NVIDIA GRID and virtual desktops for less.
  • Single platform for reduced OpEx: Customers can drive down support and operational costs when supporting vGPU with a single end-to-end platform from VMware.

Customer Success Stories

University of Massachusetts Lowell  

Virtual Desktop for High-Performace Graphics

STV Engineering uses VMware Horizon along with NVIDIA GRID technology to deliver high performance 3D graphics performance to it’s workers.

La Cite chose Dell, NVIDIA and VMware to deliver virtual desktops to their computer labs which resulted in reduced login times and more flexibility for both students and faculty.


BLDD uses their NVIDIA GRID VDI to unite workers in various locations for seamless collaboration with full graphics performance and data security.


Healthcare professionals can seamlessly access medical imaging and other graphics-intensive applications from any location using VDI powered by NVIDIA GRID