Enhance performance and avoid disruption with self-learning management tools that supply predictive analytics and Smart Alerts on application and infrastructure health—enabling proactive identification and remediation of emerging performance, capacity, and configuration issues.

Intuitive Operations


Fast Facts: Powerful Visualizations

Dashboard and Powerful Visualizations Prebuilt and customizable dashboards, reports, and views provide real-time insight into infrastructure performance, potential problems and areas where efficiency can be improved, to enable informed and intelligent operational decisions.

Predictive Analytics, Dynamic Thresholds and Smart Alerts


Fast Facts: Smart Alerts


Self-learning algorithms and predictive analytics correlate monitoring data and provide intelligent alerts on underlying performance issues with clear recommendations for corrective action, enabling faster problem resolution. Dynamic thresholds adapt to your environment, significantly reducing false alerts.

Intelligent Operations Groups and Policies, and Dependency Mapping

Aggregate resources and applications by business or operational logic and apply group policies to prioritize thresholds and alerts. Map virtual infrastructure services, examine application discovery status and analyze dependencies to simplify root cause analysis and build reliable disaster recovery plans.

Views: Health and Workload, Workload Details and Heat Maps

Quickly identify and analyze performance anomalies, faults, resource constraints and bottlenecks with these in-depth views into all areas of your infrastructure.

Guided Remediation


Fast Facts: Guided Remediation


Streamline problem remediation and enforcement of configuration standards to stay in control and save time, effort and cost. Useful pre-configured actions are available out-of-the-box and can be triggered in the context of an alert or at any time.

Guided Remediation and Automated Workflow Triggers

Get clear explanations and recommended solutions to performance, capacity and configuration problems. Associate workflows with smart alerts to automatically initiate corrective measures at critical thresholds.

Scale-Out and Resilient Platform

The re-architected platform offers the scalability and resiliency — plus the capabilities for automated failover and replication — required to support highly complex environments.

Automated Correlation of Change Events to Detect Impact on Performance

Visually trace degradations in health or performance back to specific configuration changes at the infrastructure and guest OS level.

Integration with vRealize Log Insight


Fast Facts: vRealize Log Insight Integration


Discover powerful, real-time log management and analysis. Take proactive management to a higher level by correlating unstructured log data with structured metrics and KPIs for faster root cause analysis and comprehensive visibility.