The Subscription Upgrade Program for Horizon allows you to leverage your perpetual Horizon investment to upgrade to Subscription SaaS or Term licenses, such as Horizon Universal Subscription or Workspace ONE Enterprise. Horizon Subscription SaaS Licenses give you access to Horizon Control Plane services that help streamline management of on-prem and/ or cloud deployments. It also gives flexibility to deploy on-premises or in the public cloud, including VMware Cloud on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Azure VMware Solution or Google Cloud VMware Engine.​


Take advantage of substantial discounts, up to 50% off or more, when you upgrade from Horizon Standard, Horizon Advanced, Horizon Enterprise, Horizon Apps Standard, or Horizon Apps Advanced perpetual licenses to Horizon Universal Subscription, Horizon Apps Universal Subscription, Horizon Standard Subscription, Horizon Apps Standard Subscription, Workspace ONE Enterprise, Workspace Security VDI, or a wide variety of subscription Term licenses.​​


This upgrade program is available now. If you are purchasing from a VMware authorized partner, please contact your channel or sales representative for additional information.​

Horizon Subscription SaaS licenses deliver​ flexibility and choice with hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities that allow you to:

 Harness the elasticity of the cloud and take advantage of hybrid use cases such as DR and burst capacity needs.

Deploy on-premises or in the public cloud, including VMware Cloud on AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud.

Outsource management of your entire desktop infrastructure by leveraging Desktops-as-a-Service.

Get global visibility across clouds from a single pane of glass.

Access management tools in the cloud such as image management, application management, monitoring, helpdesk, and lifecycle management.


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