Why Healthcare Providers Choose VMware 

Mitigate Risk and Transform Security Postures

Build security into HIT infrastructure. Manage workload-specific security policies that travel with apps to guard against the threats that outsmart traditional perimeter defenses.

Protect Patient PHI

Rely on end-to-end security that enforces identity-based access management. Deliver protection everywhere workloads travel and rest—data centers, clouds and endpoint devices.

Streamline Compliance

Fortify from the inside. Create a resilient infrastructure that ensures your healthcare organization is prepared, protected and proactive.

Provide Choice and Reduce IT Security Burdens

Keep IT in control while giving clinicians and staff the freedom to choose the best devices and apps to optimize patient outcomes. Ensure security is part of your digital infrastructure strategy rather than bolted on later. Enforce access decisions based on user authentication, device location tracking and granular control policies.

Use Cases

Reduce Risk, Protect Against Cyber Threats and Safeguard PHI Everywhere

Embed security into every layer of your infrastructure to better identify, prevent, detect and respond to threats. Proactively manage cyber defenses and control points with monitoring, data encryption, threat detection and remediation. Support the entire protection lifecycle.

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Simplify Workflows to Meet Regulatory Requirements

Proactively detect, manage and respond to vulnerabilities including misconfigurations and change activity, across environments. Automate policy configurations and control checks across compliance frameworks and drive greater alignment across security, developer and operations teams.


SoCura Creates Digital Workplaces Based on the Zero Trust Security Model

As part of its IT modernization drive, SoCura harmonized the virtualization platforms for its two customer clouds to uphold the high security standards its customers demanded. And to master the topic of mobile digital workplaces, it opted for VMware. VMware’s Zero Trust security model empowers the company to guarantee its customers a secure mobile working experience.

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More Healthcare Provider Solutions 

Modernize HIT Infrastructure and Applications

Drive new care models and growth while creating efficiencies. Accelerate innovation for your organization and affiliates.

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Improve Patient Outcomes and Empower Care Teams and Staff

Deliver secure, simple access to patient information on the right device, for the right task, at the right time.

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