Try VMware Integrated OpenStack Hands-on Lab


Test drive VMware products in minutes. Hands-on Labs allow you to evaluate the features and functionality of VMware products with no installation required.


RedHat® has OpenStack as well, but only VMware Integrated OpenStack can be installed in less than 15 minutes. VMware Integrated OpenStack also optimizes its OpenStack distribution for vSphere, something RedHat does not.


Hands-on Labs - the easy way to try VMware Products

Hands-on Labs are the fastest and easiest way to test-drive the full technical capabilities of VMware products. These evaluations are free, up and running on your browser in minutes, and require no installation. Compare this with RedHat.

With click-by-click guidance and all products pre-installed, you can focus on the product features that you value most. Feel free to use this to compare and contrast with RedHat.