The Power of Human Difference

At VMware, we celebrate our people from a wide variety of dynamic backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. We deliver transformative IT solutions by harnessing the power of human difference and building a community that is inclusive and diverse. Our diversity and inclusion initiative, VMinclusion, is a business-led effort to attract and engage the multinational, multicultural talent critical to our globally connected business.


“A focus on inclusion and diversity resonates with our values and is smart business. Systemic change starts at the top with our leadership driving accountability. We are also engaging our managers and empowering our employees. We can and we will do better.”

- Pat Gelsinger, CEO and VMinclusion Co-Sponsor


We encourage everyone at VMware to bring their authentic selves to work. No matter the role, level within the organization, or location in the world, our people are empowered to lead at VMware. In order to model authentic leadership, leaders and employees across the company share their own stories.

“Ingenuity is the heart of VMware’s culture. The power of human difference is what fuels ingenuity.”

- Betsy Sutter, Chief People Officer and VMinclusion Co-Sponsor


Unleash the Power of Human Difference

Power of Difference communities (PODs) are employee-driven groups that enhance VMware’s inclusive culture and harness the power of human difference. We have PODs for site specific locations as well as PODs designed to strengthen networks for women and underrepresented groups. PODs are open to anyone in the company and designed to help participants grow as leaders, engage with different communities, and drive business impact.

Demographic POD Communities at VMware include: Black@VMware, Chinese@VMware, Latinos@VMware, Pride@VMware, Veterans@VMware and Women@VMware.

Local Site PODs include: VMinclusion@Bulgaria, VMinclusion@China, VMinclusion@Cork, VMinclusion@CostaRica, VMinclusion@India, VMinclusion@Japan, VMinlcusion@UK (and more coming soon!)

POD Videos 


The Power of Difference Communities at VMware

VMware launched its Power of Difference communities (PODs) one year ago as part of its commitment to activating and driving diversity and inclusion across the company.


Latinos@Vmware POD

VMware reflects the communities in which we live and serve in part through its Power of Difference (PODs) communities. Learn more about our Latinos@VMware POD and our commitment to inclusion at VMware by visiting:


Women@VMware POD

VMware fosters inclusion by strengthening the community of women in technology. 

Learn more about how we’re empowering women to lead and change the world. Watch this video on our Women @VMware Power of Difference community and join us!


Black@Vmware POD

VMware values diversity of opinion and cultivates new leaders, in part, through its Black@VMware Power of Difference community (POD).



VMware supports its LGBTQ employees, in part, through its PRIDE@VMware Power of Difference community (POD). Discover the Pride energy engine of our VMinclusion efforts and see how we’re harnessing our employees power of difference.


VMinclusion PODS

VMware incorporates different ways of thinking and provides opportunities for employees to shine in the sites in which we operate. Learn more about how we’re developing diversity and inclusion ambassadors to help make VMware and the communities we serve a better place for everyone. Watch this video on our Local Power of Difference communities and join us! 

Disrupting Unconscious Bias

With leading researchers from Stanford University, we deliver research-based education on what Unconscious Bias is and how to block that bias in the workplace. 92% of participants leave with a commitment to action to block bias in the workplace.

Creating Change Agents

DIALOGUE Peer Mentoring Circles offers leadership development through a gendered lens from the Stanford University Clayman Institute for Gender Research. Women participating globally report growth in their perceptions of themselves as leaders and develop stronger networks for career advancement. Men can also participate as allies.

Dare To Be Yourself 


Rich Lang – Senior Vice President, HR

Hear how his decision to share who he is as a member of the LGBT community at work is fostering opportunities for all people to thrive at VMware.


Helle Frank Jul-Hansen – VP & Deputy General Counsel, EMEA

Recognizing the power from her own leadership journey, Helle is taking an active role to foster an inclusive workplace for all people at VMware.


Anthony Alvarado – Sr. Director Global License Compliance

Watch Anthony’s story and discover how championing leaders from all backgrounds will enable our entire community to thrive.


Lily Chang – VP of R&D, Central Engineering

Discover how a defining moment in Lily’s life sparked her drive to lead in life and inspiring people across the globe to grow as leaders.


Brandon Sweeney – Senior Vice President, Americas Commercial

Hear how Brandon’s commitment as a leader to promote a culture where all people can thrive is empowering VMware people to closely partner and achieve customers’ business goals.


Renuka Rajagopal – Director, Real Estate & Workplace

Through her work with VMwomen and now VMinclusion, Renuka is fostering a workplace community where all people are empowered to speak up and be their authentic selves each day.


Over the past few years, we’ve achieved measurable improvements with women as a result of our women’s initiative. Now, we have begun our focus on underrepresented minority talent in the U.S. We are not satisfied with where we are and recognize the work ahead of us. Sustainable change and continuous improvement require accountability and transparency across the technology industry. This is why we are taking the step to disclose our diversity data.

Equal Pay for Equal Work

At VMware, harnessing the power of human difference means equal pay for equal work. We continually analyze compensation globally, accounting for multiple factors that influence pay such as tenure, geographic location and performance. Our most recent data analysis, done by a third party, shows that at VMware, women earn 99% of their male counterparts' salary globally and racial and ethnic minority employees earn 100% of their white counterparts in the U.S. We are proud of these results and are strongly committed to pay equity and equal opportunity across gender and racial lines.

Global Representation of Women

Representation of Women by Region and Role

U.S. Representation by Race/Ethnicity

Representation of Race/Ethnicity in the US by Role

Representation of Other Diverse Communities

Global Workforce

  • Americas - 52%
  • APJ - 30%
  • EMEA - 18%

Global Age

  • Under 30 Years - 18%
  • 30 - 50 Years - 72%
  • Over 50 Years - 10%

Other Diverse Communities*

  • Differently Abled (US) - 0.5%
  • LGBTQ (Global) - 2%
  • Veterans (US) - 2.5%

Representation data is of June 2016. Pay Equity analysis was conducted in September 2016.

* Voluntary disclosure data. LGBTQ data was collected in countries where identification is legal as part of a new data collection process.


VMware is deeply committed to working across the industry to building communities for women in tech and growing the next generations of women leaders.

WT2: Women Transforming Technology

VMware founded the Women Transforming Technology (WT2) conference in 2016, to bring together industry leaders and community organizations committed to gender diversity at all levels across the tech industry.


VMware CodeHouse

We started CodeHouse at VMware to connect with women at the very beginning of their career. Women from universities around the world are invited to join us, where they could collaborate directly with a network of female engineers on a community project. It’s all about code and it’s all about women.

Women Who Code

As part of our Founding level partnership, we launched new networks in Bangalore, Beijing, Shanghai, Sofia and Palo Alto, enabling over 2,500 new members. VMware has hosted 25 events with 1,000+ live attendees and 3,500+ virtual attendees.

Check out the 2017 Women Tranforming Technology Video

Watch Now >>


VMware is engaging with all of our community to help accelerate change and be a force for good across the technology industry. As such, we are making bold commitments and investing in programs to expand the community of female and diverse talent in technology.

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