The VMware Telco Cloud Automation Skills 2021 badge validates an individual’s ability to understand storage, networking, virtualization, and cloud concepts. The badge earner possesses basic knowledge of the VMware Telco Cloud Platform components and basic understanding of ETSI NFVI and TKG. The VMware Telco Automation Skills badge earner also understands VNF and the requirements for Telco VNF and CNF.

Badging path:

(Recommended) Attend the recommended training

TCA Fundamentals

(Required) Pass the VMware Telco Automation Skills exam


Why does this badge have a year designator as its version?

Having a year as its certification version allows VMware to better maintain the exam and training content, and more importantly, provides certification candidates to communicate how current their skills are in relation to other certifications.

How do I share my badge?

When you’ve earned a VMware badge, you will receive an email notification alerting you to claim your badge. When you accept your badge, you’ll be brought immediately into a sharing workflow that allows you to share to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, embed in a personal website, or share over email.

What are the benefits of a badge?

  • A single source that combines your credentials and provides a complete overview of your skills.
  • Digital badges allow for you to easily share your accomplishments in social media.
  • Provides employers with easy, valid verification of your VMware credentials.