Infrastructure Planner summarizes software-defined data center savings.

VMware Infrastructure Planner gathers data on your virtual environment and displays a summary of savings opportunities that a software-defined data center can bring to your environment.


Free Tool Can Lead to Big Savings

Discover how to illustrate the bottom-line benefits of a software-defined data center to key stakeholders.

What Infrastructure Planner Does

Savings Summary

Understand high-level resource savings and estimated dollar savings at a glance.

Downloadable Reports

Download presentations and reports that summarize key benefits of the VMware vCloud Suite and a software-defined data center in your environment.

Detailed Drilldown

Explore how top-level savings figures relate to underlying data about your environment.


Virtualize, automate and pool all IT resources with these Infrastructure Planner solutions.

Software Defined Data Center

VMware’s One Cloud, Any Application, Any Device means IT can build a unified hybrid cloud across public, private and managed clouds.

Cloud Computing

VMware cloud computing services let you run both new and legacy applications in the cloud.


Resource Savings Report

Understand the benefits that the VMware vCloud Suite and a software-defined data center could provide in your environment. The Infrastructure Planner provides you a summary of compute, storage and network savings across your environment, including a summary of potential financial benefits.

Downloadable Collateral

Be armed with the right collateral to persuade decision makers in your company to use a software-defined data center. The free Infrastructure Planner from VMware allows you to download executive-level presentations that are tailored to support your specific goals.

Security and Privacy

Only data relevant to the Infrastructure Planner service is gathered. Infrastructure Planner does not collect information that could be used to locate your environment on the public Internet, including IP addresses or host names. Data is transmitted securely to the online portal via SSL.


Find a Partner or Contact Sales

The Infrastructure Planner is partner initiated. Contact your partner reseller or VMware sales executive to learn more about a software-defined data center and the savings you can achieve by using Infrastructure Planner.

Infrastructure Planner works with VMware vSphere and VMware vCenter Server. If you do not have these products, please contact a partner.