Security and Networking as a Cloud Service

Deliver secure, optimal and automated access to applications and workloads in the cloud by extending SD-WAN to the doorstep of major IaaS and SaaS providers, including: AWS, Azure, GCP, Alibaba, VMware Cloud, SFDC and Zoom. Protect users and distributed workloads against threats at all levels by harnessing the power of zero trust network access ( ZTNA) and a next-generation secure web gateway (SWG) through an extensible SASE platform and the global scale of VMware Points of Presence (PoPs).

SASE is Cloud

Meet the dynamic needs of a distributed, digital workforce.

Benefits of VMware Secure Access Service Edge

Cloud-First Approach

Enable multi-cloud interconnect with VMware SD-WAN cloud gateways. VMware SASE services are completely cloud-based and easy to consume and scale. 

Intrinsic Security

Protect against attacks at all levels with robust security, including contextual access, network security, application protection and workload encryption.

Assured Application Performance

Ensure user access and an optimized experience for mission-critical applications, even with a single link and degraded network conditions.

Operational Simplicity

Simplify day 0-1 operations with automation and zero-touch provisioning. Transform day 2 operations and self-heal your network with actionable insights.

VMware Products for SASE

Explore simple, comprehensive security and network services that enable a unified edge and cloud service model with a single place to manage business policy, configuration and monitoring.

VMware SASE Platform

Secure and reliable access to apps for the anywhere workforce

VMware Secure Access

Enable secure and high-performance access for remote and mobile users

Workspace ONE

Digital workspace platform that enables zero trust


Platform to virtualize WAN connections

VMware Edge Network Intelligence

Actionable and automated insights on network health and app delivery

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Frequently Asked Questions

An ideal SASE solution provides consistent, secure access from anywhere, but not all vendors are up to the challenge. Look for a SASE vendor that can deliver integrated networking and security to reduce operational complexity. A SASE solution should also take a cloud-first approach, offer robust intrinsic security capabilities, including Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and scalable network capabilities like cloud-based SD-WAN.

Adoption of SASE enables benefits such as better application performance and improved data security, enabling consistently optimized network access from anywhere. In addition, the best SASE solutions deliver operational simplicity and are based on a cloud-first approach.

SASE solves many challenges, such as operational complexity and compromised cybersecurity. However, since SASE combines networking and security, it can be a challenge to implement when teams are siloed. Selecting vendors can also be an issue, especially when multiple products or vendors are required.

Businesses are moving applications to the cloud while allowing users to access them remotely. At the same time, companies must protect themselves from ever-evolving security threats. SASE allows IT to support these changes by providing the same experience whether users are in the office or outside it. SASE combines network and security services to enable a unified edge and cloud service model.

If you're ready to adopt SASE, make sure your IT teams are prepared. Since SASE combines networking and security functions, siloed networking and security teams present a hurdle to adoption. It's also important to find a vendor that offers flexibility and ideally stick to one or two vendors to reduce complexity.

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