Connect Employees and Ideas with VMware Socialcast: Enterprise Social Network and Chat

VMware Socialcast is a secure enterprise chat and collaboration solution that brings the right people, discussions, information, tools and ideas together in one place to get work done faster.


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What Socialcast Does

Keeps Employees Connected

Socialcast enables coworkers, customers and business partners to stay connected, work collaboratively and accomplish more together. By organizing the flow of work around connections and conversations, Socialcast provides a seamless route for employees to quickly find experts, get answers and discuss topics relevant to their needs.

Streamlines Workflows

Solve complex problems that require multiple systems and experts with seamless integration capabilities from Socialcast. Empower teams to reach their true potential by seamlessly plugging into the systems developers, IT Operations and employees already use to support and streamline workflows.

Drives Collaboration

Socialcast empowers employees, teams and executives to work collaboratively in a more synergetic working environment. Drive business forward and boost engagement across your organization with Socialcast Challenges, Polls and Town Halls. Connect users with a platform that encourages questions to and responses from subject matter experts.


Why Humana Uses Socialcast

See how this health insurance giant is using Socialcast to connect employees and transform business processes.

Simple and Secure Chat and Collaboration

Learn how Socialcast drives collaboration and productivity in your organization by bringing people, information and ideas together.

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Designed with the User in Mind

Discover how Socialcast’s consumer-simple user interface and chat-first approach enables employees to stay connected, drives collaboration and streamlines workflows.

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Transforming Collaboration at Siemens

Discover how Socialcast has helped Siemens increase employee satisfaction, drive innovation and boost their ability to effectively leverage collective intelligence across the business.

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Humana Strengthens Culture and Business with Socialcast

Hear how Humana uses Socialcast to empower employees to better serve customers through faster access to knowledge and subject matter experts.

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Collaboration Tools

Socialcast brings distributed users and teams together to collaborate in real-time. Drive business forward through public and private spaces for effective enablement, project management and more. Align on vision and strategy with Town Halls and engage users with Socialcast Challenges and Polls.

Workflow Integrations

Socialcast seamlessly plugs into the systems developers, IT operations and employees already use to support and streamline workflows. The Socialcast Integration Store integrates with industry-leading hybrid cloud management solutions to provide a collaboration framework across various tools.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Socialcast uses powerful built-in reporting metrics to track user trends and usage patterns, allowing admins to prove ROI, understand usage and improve business workflows. Data can be viewed, filtered or exported into a Tableau viewer to be easily digested.

Instant Chat

Socialcast provides instant one-to-one chat, group chat, and face-to-face meeting via screen share resulting in quicker alignment, less email exchanges and fewer meetings.