What Is vCloud Director?

VMware vCloud Director is a leading cloud service-delivery platform used by some of the world’s most popular cloud providers to operate and manage successful cloud-service businesses. Using vCloud Director, cloud providers deliver secure, efficient, and elastic cloud resources to thousands of enterprises and IT teams across the world.

Use VMware in the cloud through one of our Cloud Provider Partners and build with VMware vCloud Director.


Revolutionize your VMware Cloud experience with vCloud Director

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Revolutionize your VMware Cloud experience with vCloud Director


Multi-Tenant Resource Pooling

Easily create virtual data centers from common infrastructure to cater to heterogeneous enterprise needs. A policy-driven approach helps ensure enterprises have isolated virtual resources, independent role-based authentication, and fine-grained control.

Leading Cloud Ecosystem

Leading cloud vendors across the world natively integrate with vCloud Director to empower cloud providers with the ability to deliver differentiated customer experiences and capture more service opportunities.

Operational Visibility and Insights

A refreshed dashboard and single pane of glass provide centralized multi-tenant cloud management views. Leverage vRealize Operations advanced analytics, chargeback, and native integration into vCloud Director for deep visibility into enterprise environments.


With deep integration with leading automation tools such as vRealize Orchestrator, Terraform, and Cloud Provider Pod, Cloud Director enables cloud Provider to automate complex workflows and deploy a variety of services, all while maintaining access control and visibility.

Multi-Site Management

Stretch data centers across sites and geographies; monitor resources from an intuitive single-pane of glass with multi-site aggregate views.

Data Center Extension and Cloud Migration

Enable simple, secure VM migration and data center extension with vCloud Availability. Allows for true hybridity, enterprise-driven workflows, seamless connectivity, and cold or warm migration options.

Containers as a Service

vCloud Director is an easy onramp for enterprises leveraging flexible, on-demand containers and VMs in the same virtual data center and faster time-to-consumption for Kubernetes.


vCloud Director delivers cost transparency and accountability that help IT leaders understand and optimize the costs of cloud infrastructure required to seamlessly support business services.


VMware Validated Designs for Cloud Providers

VMware Validated Designs for Cloud Providers

Coming soon to VMware Validated Designs.

Announcing vCloud Director 9.7

Major upgrade adds key capabilities for Cloud Providers and their enterprise customers.

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Operational Efficiency

vCloud Director delivers secure, isolated-but-fluid resource pools to teams and organizations by enabling rapid SDDC provisioning, SPOG management, and self-service capabilities.


vCloud Director provides an open platform for DevOps teams. It carries the “Cloud Verified” certification, which marks the most elite and differentiated VMware Cloud Providers in the world.

Ability to Open up to Developers

Increase agility for DevOps with SDK and programmatic interfaces. Attract enterprise programmers to build and automate services, custom org experiences, and next-generation workloads on containers on familiar multi-tenant environments.


vCloud Director enables Cloud Providers to spin up new services using vRealize Orchestrator workflows or leverage natively-integrated service capabilities to deliver more value to the enterprise customer.

Hybridity and Security

Better integration with NSX enables Cloud Providers to preconfigure data center connections and eliminate L2 VPN manual configurations. Enterprises can stretch networks across virtual data centers in different vCenters across different sites. Higher throughput and lower latency for NFV workloads are powered by initial integration of NSX-T.

Value-Added Services

Allow third parties to develop and integrate custom-built services onto a common platform and expose them to enterprises for consumption, resulting in a richer cloud experience. Optimize and extend your environment for differentiated, value-added services offerings and the fastest, easiest path to service monetization and revenue realization.


Thousands of Cloud Providers have adopted vCloud Director to accelerate their cloud service delivery.

TeraGo keeps customers safe, secure, and connected with VMware Cloud Provider solutions

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TeraGo keeps customers safe, secure, and connected with VMware Cloud Provider solutions.

Cloud Provider Faction uses vCloud Director to empower enterprises

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Cloud Provider Faction uses vCloud Director to empower enterprises.