Improve App Performance and User Experience On Your Mobile Apps

Automatically capture and interpret consumer-facing app data to resolve issues faster, increase conversions, and reduce churn with Workspace ONE Intelligence for Consumer Apps.

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Get insights and analytics to improve user experience for your employee-facing apps with Workspace ONE Intelligence.

App Analytics and Performance Demo

Workspace ONE Intelligence for Consumer Apps delivers app analytics and performance for your consumer facing mobile applications. Watch this video to learn how it can help you track app engagement, user flows, errors, crashes and more.

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What Workspace ONE Intelligence for Consumer Apps Does 

Resolves Issues

Leverage insights from app performance that can negatively impact user experience to quickly fix issues and prioritize development efforts based on user impact.

Reduces Churn

Harness the power of data to identify the most important flows in your app and determine the impact of app crashes to reduce user churn.

Increases Conversions

Analyze and quantify how mobile app performance affects app adoption, engagement, and churn to improve mobile app conversion.

Delivers App Intelligence

Get specific and actionable intelligence in real-time to deliver higher quality apps, enhance functionality faster, and boost end user experience.


App Performance

One line of code enables developers to find and fix issues fast. By proactively monitoring all service and API metrics for your consumer-facing apps, including error rates and response times, quickly diagnose crashes and failed flows, and easily identify problems in your apps.

Business Insights

View relevant information about your critical apps in rich, customizable dashboards and reports for complete, unified visibility across mobile operating systems.

User Behavior

User Flows allows mobile business owners to understand what affects the most critical interactions in their apps, such as Login, Checkout, and Billing, so you can prioritize the issues your development team should work on.

App Adoption and Engagement

Understand app adoption and engagement based on insights of daily and monthly active users by operating system, device, app version, and more. Visibility to your app’s user behavior metrics helps correlate app performance to engagement.