Maturity Assessment

Understand your current business situation, key challenges, and implications.

Clarify desired business and IT outcomes.

Perform a comprehensive evaluation that addresses:

  • Leadership, governance, and processes
  • People, tools, and enablement
  • Infrastructure, data, and platforms
  • Applications and development
  • Security and operations

Define the Strategy

Review your current strategy, capabilities, and culture

Align IT and business outcomes

Create and document a vision for the journey


Gain executive and stakeholder buy-in

Get the Guidance You Need

Leverage the VMware Well-Architected Framework for technical guidance and a consistent approach to prepare for implementation.
Digital Workspace Journey Model

After your journey and required capabilities are defined, take advantage of prescriptive guidance and best practices.

Understand what is needed to implement your solution and assess the impact to your organization.

Streamline and Standardize Implementation

Adopt a holistic approach to architect, deploy, integrate, and operationalize your VMware Cloud environment


Define the scope and requirements


Migrate workloads, refactoring existing applications or building new applications


Define new roles and skills, automate operational processes, and increase visibility across the environment 


Activate, deploy, configure, and integrate the environments


Protect and secure the network, workloads, and data

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