New MIT Survey Uncovers Top 8 Healthcare Trends Shaping IT Resilience

More than 89% of healthcare leaders surveyed are accelerating their digital transformation.

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How Real-Time Connected Healthcare is Becoming Reality

Read insights from VMware’s Vice President of Global Healthcare Alliances about how the industry accelerated digital transformation and is now on the edge of real-time connected healthcare.

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How to Ensure Continuity During COVID-19

Learn how to leverage remote access, cloud, telehealth, IoT and security solutions during the current pandemic.

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Emerging Tech Trends in Healthcare

Hear from healthcare CIOs and IT security leaders on how 5G, IoMT, and AI will move healthcare closer to a patient-first, cost-effective model

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Explore Healthcare Provider Solutions

Extend Reach of Care through Modernizing IT

Accelerate innovation in your organization and across your affiliates. Modern apps, multi-cloud infrastructure and edge solutions from VMware enable you to drive new care models and growth while creating efficiencies.

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Improve Patient Outcomes and Empower Care Teams

Provide secure, simple access to patient information on the right device, for the right task, at the right time. Digital workspace, mobile and edge technologies from VMware improve patient care, empowering clinicians and engaging patients everywhere.  

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Protect Healthcare Data and Patient Trust

Build patient trust by securing sensitive data everywhere. Intrinsic security, zero-trust and endpoint protection solutions from VMware help you ensure protected health information is safe from cyberattacks.

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