Turbo-Boost Your Hybrid WAN with SD-WAN


A hybrid WAN enables shared use of both private (MPLS) and Internet circuits at all business locations. An SD-WAN unleashes the additional efficiencies inherent in these transport options. Traffic is steered intelligently across the right path at the right time; users are guaranteed a satisfactory experience when they access SaaS applications from every location; and IT managers gain a unique level of visibility and control of traffic routing, application performance, and policy management.


Benefits of Hybrid-Delivered SD-WAN 

Enterprise-Grade Performance

Dynamic multi-path optimization (DMPO) technology brings you enterprise-grade performance and availability, as well as visibility and control to commodity broadband Internet bandwidth.

Cost-Effective Delivery Model

Distributed cloud gateways – as a service – eliminate costly and complex-to-install data center gear. This distributed network also provides automatic scaling and redundancy difficult for on-premises networks to achieve.

Rapid Branch Deployment

We deliver this new optimization, along with all other branch services, in a single cloud services edge appliance at the branch. Virtualized services remotely provisioned to this edge simplify and speed up branch deployment versus a stack of hardware appliances.


Transform your Hybrid WAN into a solution

Hybrid WAN ROI with SD-WAN

Transform your Hybrid WAN into a solution that delivers a real ROI and lowers your TCO.

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Girl exploring the choices of Hybrid WAN implementation

Taking Hybrid WANs Further

Explore the choices of Hybrid WAN implementation in different business environments.

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The End of Complex Hybrid WANs

The End of Complex Hybrid WANs

Learn how SD-WAN helps enterprises migrate away from complex hybrid networks.

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VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud

VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud provides bandwidth expansion as well as direct access to enterprise and cloud applications, and data. It also enables virtual services insertion in the cloud and on premises — while dramatically improving operational automation. VMware SD-WAN includes a distributed network of gateways, a cloud-based orchestrator and a branch platform, and VMware SD-WAN Edges.


Programmer testing High-Performance Hybrid WAN

High-Performance Hybrid WAN for Less

Triton chose SD-WAN by VeloCloud to replace a Cisco and Netgear solution to improve application performance, particularly for VoIP traffic; gain network visibility; and meet PCI 3.0 audit requirements while reducing overall branch network costs by over 50%.

“I can’t believe how low our OpEx is now. We easily and affordably got everything we needed to fix our network issues and utilized our existing WAN system.”

– Dave Edwards, Director of IT for Triton

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