vSphere Optimization Assessment

Learn how to optimize your infrastructure with reports that show your vSphere configuration health, potential performance improvements and capacity optimization opportunities. You can run the first report immediately for an assessment of your environment and vSphere configuration health. These easy and powerful free reports leverage the operations analytics of VMware vRealize Operations, the engine in vSphere with Operations Management.


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Intelligent IT Operations for your vSphere Environment 




Assess Configuration Health:


Get a comprehensive report on vSphere configuration errors and security hardening.

  • Review vSphere configuration errors.
  • View cluster,
  • host and VM topology.
  • See datastore usage heat-maps.
  • See a sample report




Identify Performance Bottlenecks


Understand performance issues affecting your virtual environment.



Optimize Capacity Utilization


Get a customized capacity optimization report based on current usage and trends.

  • Reclaim underutilized resources.
  • Identify overprovisioned VMs.
  • Resize VMs to optimize performance.
  • See a sample report

Optimize Your vSphere Environment Now

Get ready for the next step in virtualization and data center management.