Enhanced Evaluation: vSphere Optimization Assessment (VOA)


Discover how to save up to 30 percent on CPU, memory and storage.

Watch a video overview of the vSphere Optimization Assessment(VOA)

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Watch a video overview of the vSphere Optimization Assessment(VOA)

vSphere Optimization Assessment (VOA), powered by vRealize Operations, provides 360-degree visibility into capacity, performance and configuration across multi-cloud environments through predictive analytics and unified single console. For customers looking to manage everything from their infrastructure stack to applications and save on their cloud resources, VOA provides four powerful reports covering configuration, performance, capacity, and costs and events.

  • Configuration Report: This report highlights the inconsistencies in configurations at various levels, such as virtual machines, hosts, clusters and virtual networks.
  • Performance Report: This report identifies and isolates problems that may affect your applications. It provides a line of sight into the full stack to isolate and identify root causes quickly.
  • Capacity and Cost Report: This report helps with capacity procurement decisions, reducing wastage through reclamation and tracking usage trends to avoid performance problems due to capacity shortfalls. More importantly, it provides a cost perspective on capacity utilization and reclamation.
  • Analyze Events Report: This report gives insight into alerts in your own environment, not by focusing on each alert, but by analyzing which alerts need your attention.
Sample vSphere Optimization Assessment Reports

VOA will generate a series of analytic reports that assess the configuration, performance, capacity, and cost and events of your virtualized environment. To learn more, view the sample reports.

Self-Driving Operations Benefits

With this enhanced assessment, you can continuously optimize performance, quickly troubleshoot and efficiently manage capacity across IT infrastructure and applications in your virtualized data center and hybrid cloud environments.

  • Operational Benefits: Speed up incident resolution and compliance monitoring activities with real-time performance metrics, log analytics and proactive capacity management.
  • Financial Benefits: Maximize server utilization through proactive workload balancing across clusters, capacity scenario planning and both right sizing and reclaiming excess capacity.
  • Building IT Operations Strategy: Gain comprehensive visibility with a single unified management tool, avoid disruption and free up time for more strategic tasks.
Assessment Timeline

vSphere Optimization Assessment is a two-day event to show the value of vRealize Operations and start the customer journey towards self-driving operations. VOA is now easier to execute and delivers faster time to value, including updated reports with critical content showing all the benefits of monitoring, managing and saving on your SDDC.

  • Day No. 1: Discover the customer environment and discuss configuration report.
  • Day No. 2: Generate other VOA reports and deliver executive summary.

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