Restore, Protect, and Manage

CNRA is made up of 33 organizations working together to manage California’s abundant and precious resources—from its coastlines and parks to its fish, wildlife, energy sources, and water. To provide timely information to departments and satisfy ever-increasing business demand for computing capabilities in the face of budget shortfalls, CNRA needed to transform service delivery. It accomplished this by building a software-defined data center based on VMware NSX, VMware vSphere, and VMware vRealize Suite, with VMware vCloud Air for cloud-based disaster recovery.


California Natural Resources Agency (CNRA)

CNRA and VMware 

Keeping Essential Services Flowing

Copy: CNRA’s IT department has established a software-defined enterprise and transformed itself into a true shared service provider, accelerating time to market while improving reliability of the services delivered. To date, the agency has been able to increase technology delivery capabilities by 300% while reducing IT CapEx by 40% and OpEx by 30%.


California Natural Resources Agency

Location: Sacramento, California
Industry: Government
Products: NSX, vSphere, VMware vRealize Automation, vRealize Operations, vRealize Log Insight

Did you know? The California Department of Water Resources oversees the largest water delivery system in the U.S.

  • Increased technology capacity by 300%
  • Shrunk physical footprint of IT from 15,800 to 5,700 square feet
  • Reduced overall IT CapEx by 40% and OpEx by 30%

Safeguarding Resources and IT

VMware NSX allows CNRA to dynamically configure network and security to meet the unique needs of each department, while vRealize Automation provides the appropriate governance regarding networking and security policies. This gives the agency a higher level of security as well as faster and more consistent service provisioning.


CNRA Changes the Way They Do Networking with VMware NSX and vRealize Automation

Around-the-Clock Services

Fire fighters, data modelers, scientists, engineers, and other CNRA employees rely on critical applications to do their jobs. VMware vCloud Air and vCloud Air Disaster Recovery provide cloud-based recovery-as-a-service so CNRA can shift virtual machines to the cloud. The benefits include avoiding service outages and helping ensure that first-line responders and others have ready access to vital applications and data.

“The world is changing constantly. We are providing a New Style IT that will provide services to the Agency, its Departments, and the people of California to meet current and future business demands.”


Tim Garza, Agency IT Director, California Natural Resources Agency and CIO, Department of Water Resources

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