Empowering Cloud Developers

As a high-tech consulting company that gives clients a competitive edge through better use of their data, Servian needed a continuous software integration and deployment framework for developing today’s cloud-based applications. The VMware Photon Platform lets Servian build cloud-native applications quickly and efficiently, and move them easily to different environments at every step—from initial design on developers’ laptops through production deployments.


Servian and VMware

Servian and VMware 

Freeing Applications from Infrastructure

The Intelligent Profiler app from Servian is an online employee recruitment tool that analyzes text and generates psychometric evaluations using natural language processing. Servian developed it with IBM Watson Personality Insights, but wanted to decouple it from IBM’s preferred infrastructure so it could function properly using any public cloud provider.


Location: Sydney, Australia
Industry: Technology
Products: VMware vSphere, vCloud Air, vSphere Integrated Containers, Photon Platform

Fast and Secure

Containers help Servian develop software that runs reliably when moved from one computing environment to another, like from development to production. Partnering with VMware gives Servian developers the freedom to experiment with the latest tools without sacrificing security, robustness, and predictability. VMware vSphere supports the security, isolation, and management benefits of virtual machines and the VMware Photon Platform lets Servian quickly deploy lightweight Docker containers on any cloud platform, including open source and vCloud Air.

What Servian has to say about us

"The new world order is embracing more lightweight versions of virtual machines’ containers. You’ve got the fantastic innovation that’s happening while having the backing of the world’s leading organization for virtualization."


Tony Nicol, Managing Director, Servian


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Products: VMware vSphere, vCloud Air, Photon Platform

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