Boost Your Business with the VMware Cloud Verified Logo

Your customers are looking for flexibility and control in choosing cloud services for their enterprise workloads. And you’re the right partner to deliver. Adding the VMware Cloud Verified logo to your offerings signals to your customers and prospects that your foundational cloud technologies and services are based on VMware Cloud Infrastructure, including VMware vSphere, VMware vSAN, and VMware NSX. 

The VMware Cloud Verified logo represents:

  • Awareness: Customers quickly recognize the logo as a commitment to cloud freedom and choice by VMware and cloud partners.
  • Compatibility: Customers look for this logo as their assurance that partner cloud services are compatible with their VMware virtualized environments.
  • Opportunity: Customers want to purchase services carrying the logo, helping to drive revenue.

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VMware Cloud Infrastructure: Why It Matters to Your Customers 

Developers and business stakeholders, IT, and end users benefit from VMware data center and cloud infrastructure:

  • App developers and lines of business speed time to market and protect their businesses with data center infrastructure optimized for private and public clouds.
  • IT can help eliminate silos with consistent skills, policies, tools, and visibility.
  • End users can easily access apps – no matter where they're running.

VMware and VMware Cloud Providers are accelerating digital business transformation by enabling consistent operations and infrastructure across clouds and devices.

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