Integrated OpenStack Delivers OpenStack Cloud Controls on VMware

Foster developer innovation by deploying and managing production-grade OpenStack quickly and easily on top of your VMware infrastructure. Leverage vendor-neutral APIs to get more out of your Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC).


Accelerate cloud business value.

Deploy and manage OpenStack infrastructure on VMware, and leverage your existing VMware expertise for rapid business value.

What Integrated OpenStack Does


Integrated OpenStack extends the power of your VMware infrastructure in the cloud.


VMware Helps Drive OpenStack Innovation

With more than 30 engineers contributing to at least 7 core projects, VMware is committed to helping grow the technical and intellectual maturity of OpenStack. 

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Learn about OpenStack and the features, architecture, operation, troubleshooting and management of VMware Integrated OpenStack in this online course.

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Simplify Integrated OpenStack Management

The vRealize Operations Management Pack for OpenStack provides comprehensive operational capabilities for managing an OpenStack environment.

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Get Integrated OpenStack up and running on your browser in minutes with no installation required.

Adobe Digital Marketing’s OpenStack IT Transformation

Adobe realized that they could reinvent their IT infrastructure with a more automated private cloud and do it quickly using Integrated OpenStack.




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How to buy

VMware Integrated OpenStack is free to download. There is no license cost and it is distributed independently from other VMware products. Download it now.


If you would like support for VMware Integrated OpenStack, a per-CPU annual fee will apply, and the minimum support order is 50 CPUs.