Optimize your people, processes and tools to deliver code faster, with greater quality and reliability—and at a lower cost.

DevOps Consulting Services

DevOps on VMware 

VMware offers the industry’s only end-to-end developer-friendly, enterprise-ready platform that supports the entire portfolio of business applications – from complex, business-critical applications to new cloud-native services.

Our experts work with you to build and deliver applications sooner on top of VMware’s powerful platform, with technology solutions like vRealize Code Stream, vCloud Air, VMware Integrated OpenStack, vRealize Automation and VMware’s Cloud Native Application portfolio of tools, all of which integrate with popular DevOps tools from other vendors such as Puppet, Chef and Ansible.

Utilizing VMware’s industry leading software-defined networking and storage solutions, we help customers go beyond basic scenarios for DevOps to automate complex networking and storage use cases, further fueling innovation and accelerating time to market.

DevOps Strategy Development 

High-velocity application development and delivery is now on every CIO’s agenda. To deliver on this promise, changes must be made in how applications are developed, deployed and managed.

Our DevOps experts work with you to:

  • Assess your organization’s readiness for DevOps and continuous delivery transformation
  • Identify improvement opportunities spanning people, processes and technology
  • Create an adoption strategy and roadmap for moving forward

Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration 

For some companies “fast” means monthly software releases; at the most extreme, application updates happen hourly. To support continuous delivery, however you define it, processes and tools need to be highly automated and integrated, support effective collaboration across teams and enable teams to rapidly deploy smaller, incremental software updates.

Our consultants work with you to analyze, design and implement end-to-end deployment pipelines using best-of-breed VMware and open source software. We also work with you to establish or update continuous integration capabilities using modern tools and methods.

Configuration Management 

As software moves from development to production, inconsistent or manual configuration practices can drastically slow down the process and introduce errors. Automated, reliable and reproducible server, platform and application configurations allow teams to develop and test in “production-like” environments, accelerating delivery and improving quality.

Our consultants work with your team to design and implement a modern configuration management solution built for traditional and scale-out architectures. Our solutions reduce or eliminate manual work, increasing efficiency and freeing your team to focus on additional development or operations improvement. Your teams work faster, with greater precision, to deliver business value sooner.

DevOps Consulting Services are currently offered in North America only. For more information, please contact your local VMware representative.