What is a Howler?

A Howler is a dedicated, devoted and active participant in the ongoing discussion of cybersecurity, regularly employing their expertise and experience to help the community and the individuals within it succeed. They are focused on empowering security professionals at all levels, advising both leaders and power users, and building trust within the larger security community. A Howler is always bringing their cybersecurity DNA to the forefront of today’s ever-increasing challenges; they are cybersecurity strategists and trusted advisors.

Through various methods and mediums, be it digital webinars, local and regional user groups, or one-on-one private meetings, a Howler is prepared to tackle the unique challenges that plague specific industry verticals, and share intelligence on the latest security threats and threat actors.

The Tenets of a Howler


A Howler strives to become a trusted advisor to the CISO. This means helping security leaders understand the greater technology landscape as well as how to draft the business proposals needed to plan, implement and manage them.

VMware NSX


A Howler strives to be ingrained and immersed in the cybersecurity community, giving back and educating those whenever possible. A Howler doesn’t ask for anything in return, and actively seeks out opportunities to contribute.

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A Howler strives to always be ready to respond to speaking requests and engagements. “Defenders Fighting for Defenders” is the call to arms for a Howler, and they wish to share their knowledge and experience at any opportunity.

The Howlers

The Howler’s are made up of a diverse group of individuals at Carbon Black, spanning from engineering, sales engineering, threat research and more and supporting organizations within the Financial, Healthcare, Hospitality, Aerospace, Federal, Technology sectors and beyond.

Tom Kellermann

Karen Worstell

Rick McElroy

Sanara Marsh

Taree Reardon

Dr. Amelia Estwick

David Balcar

Craig Savage

Ben Tedesco

Mike Marx

Jon Nelson

Ryan Hendricks

Eric O’Neill

Victor Monga

Simon Perry

Kendra Kendall

Ed Murphy

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