Getting Started with Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

Migrate workloads to Oracle Cloud with confidence, using familiar VMware technologies, processes and tools.

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Accelerate and simplify your journey to cloud with Oracle Cloud VMware Solution.

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Dive into detail on how to create and manage VMware-enabled SDDCs in Oracle Cloud.

Key Capabilities of Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

Enjoy more control as you move seamlessly between on-premises and cloud environments, as well as hybrid deployments that span both.

Familiar Tools and Processes

Work with the VMware solutions you already know, including vSAN, NSX, vSphere and HCX. This familiarity makes it incredibly easy to shift SDDC workloads to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution. The solution follows the VMware standard of 3+ bare metal hosts using a VMware Validated Design architecture, on VMware certified hardware.

Advanced Capabilities

Easily integrate with other Oracle Cloud solutions, including:

  • Oracle Autonomous Database
  • Oracle Exadata
  • Oracle RAC
  • Database as a service
  • Virtual machines
  • Bare metal compute instances

To make things simple, these all run in the same cloud data centers, on the same virtual cloud networks, and are accessible through the same portal and APIs.

A Single View

Gain a single view of your hybrid cloud environment – including your on premises data center and cloud operations – with VMware vCenter Server. This can run in your data center or in Oracle Cloud. Whatever works best for your team.

Full Support

Access expanded technical support for Oracle products running on VMware virtualized environments – whether in the Oracle cloud, in other clouds or your data center. The fully supported, high-performance environment includes first-class customer service, making migrations quick and easy.

Key Components of Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

Leverage your existing investments, skills and tools.

VMware vSphere

Run existing applications alongside modern containerized apps on the server virtualization platform geared for modern hybrid cloud.

VMware NSX

Connect and protect apps across the data center, multi-cloud, bare metal and containers – all from a single pane of glass.

VMware HCX

Seamlessly extend your on-premises environments into cloud with the tool built for workload rebalancing and business continuity.

VMware vSAN

Reduce cost and complexity – while improving business agility – with this enterprise-class storage virtualization software.

Why Oracle Cloud VMware Solution?

Accelerate your pace of digital transformation.

Use Existing Skills

Put the skills and tools that you’ve already invested in to good use as you move your VMware workloads to Oracle cloud. No rearchitecting or retooling required.

Expand Securely

Extend the reach of your VMware SDDC by leveraging the high availability, scalability and security of Oracle Cloud. Retain full admin access of the entire stack.

Migrate Faster

Realize the benefits of cloud faster. Migrating VMware workloads is quick and easy. Once done, the security and scale of Oracle Cloud is yours to enjoy.

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