When Good Enough is Not Enough

If you love bacon, chances are you’ve eaten a SugarCreek product. As the largest privately held bacon producer in the U.S., SugarCreek is a family-owned-and-run food company that partners with customers to co-develop food solutions for their brands. In 2015, the company opened one of the industry’s most technologically advanced food processing, cooking, and packing plants, which became the company’s sixth and largest manufacturing facility. SugarCreek’s overall IT operations are just as savvy: its data center refresh is based on software defined networking, combining VMware NSX and SDDC technologies for greater security and efficiency as it moves towards becoming a $1 billion company.

SugarCreek and VMware

SugerCreek transforms storage across their Data Center

SugarCreek and VMware 

Ready-to-Serve Technology


Technology has revolutionized the food-production industry, resulting in rapid changes. SugarCreek is helping customers develop new products using the sous vide method of cooking, which results in higher-quality offerings. With six plants and several other remote locations, SugarCreek uses VMware solutions to control costs through automation. VMware vRealize Automation helps developers do what they need to do faster, giving the company the agility to drive growth and keep up with food industry advances. VMware NSX also gives SugarCreek best-in-class micro-segmentation and automation capabilities for enhanced network performance, without jeopardizing security.


Location: Washington Court House, Ohio
Industry: Food
Products: VMware NSX, vRealize Automation, Horizon 7

Securing Systems in America’s Heartland    


SugarCreek implemented VMware NSX in its software-defined data centers (SDDC) to secure and automate its server environment, which is 99% virtualized on VMware. NSX with micro-segmentation allows the company to secure data like never before—a critical ability in today’s high-risk cybersecurity environment. The SDDC network with NSX also helps SugarCreek break down silos in the company, bringing teams closer together for improved collaboration.

What SugarCreek has to say about us

"We live in a dangerous world today, and from a security standpoint, we have to be concerned, not only with our data but with our customers’ data as well. NSX with micro-segmentation will allow us to secure data like we never could before."


Edward Rodden, CIO, SugarCreek


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