VMware Horizon™ 7 Edition Selector

Please answer the below questions:

1. Are you planning on running your virtual desktops or apps on VMware vSphere®?

2. Do you have applications that require high-performance rendering of immersive, 2D and 3D graphics?

3. Are you using or considering application virtualization/application publishing, for example Citrix XenApp™?

4. Would your end user benefit from a unified workspace or storefront to securely access their desktops, applications, and online services with the convenience of single sign on?

5. Are you looking to be able to simplify and streamline your desktop operating image, reducing storage footprint, and simplify how apps are provisioned, updated, and retired?

6. Would you like to instantly deliver non-persistent desktops on-demand, with user/role-based application layering, persona, and user-customization preserved between sessions?

7. Would your organization benefit from policy-based administration of the user environment and settings, with the ability to deliver customized persona across any device and any environment including virtual, physical and cloud?

8. Would you like to improve security by selectively enabling/disabling client features like clipboard, USB, printing, client drives, based on user role, location and other context?

9. Would you like reduce your storage costs for your end user computing environment?

10. Would you like the benefits of virtual desktops to extend to your Linux environment?

11. Do you want to pinpoint trouble spots quickly and get insights into the health and performance of your virtual desktop infrastructure?

12. Would you like to automate your desktop and application provisioning to help streamline operations and reduce TCO?

13. Would you like flexible image management for both virtual and physical desktops?

14. Would you prefer to pay-as-you go and procure desktops and apps via an affordable OPEX-based approach?

15. Do you require specific desktop workloads/use cases to be hosted on-premises (for security/regulatory/compliance reasons), but are interested in unifying management of your environment via a cloud-based single pane of glass?

16. Are you looking to deliver desktops as a cloud-hosted service?