VMware International Limited converted to a public unlimited company under Irish law and changed its name to VMware International Unlimited Company.

If you have an existing contractual arrangement with VMware International Limited, you will note that invoices and other documentation and communications will be issued under this new name over the course of the next few months. All other details for the Company, including its Irish registration number, Tax ID, and address, all remain the same and no other impacts are expected except as may otherwise be communicated to you. 

If you have contract(s) with VMware International Limited, please take the following actions:

  1. Update automated systems or any manual template used to transact and report business, including but not limited to: B2B, EDI, OM Systems, etc. to VMware International Unlimited Company. 
  2. Change the name on all invoices, quotes, and purchase orders, issued after October 18, 2019, to VMware International Unlimited Company.

There is no requirement to change existing legal contracts as the legal identity of the company remains the same. As we move through this process, we will advise of any further actions that may need to be taken as a result of this conversion. Meanwhile, we encourage you to reach out to your VMware representative with any questions. 


VMware International Limited was a private limited company registered at the Irish Companies’ Registration Office and was the main contracting entity globally (excluding US) until Thursday September 12, 2019.

VMware International Unlimited Company is the same company, re-registered as VMware International Unlimited Company at the Irish Companies’ Registration Office and continues to be the main contracting entity for VMware globally (excluding the U.S.). All other details, including its Irish registration number, Tax ID, and address, will remain the same.  Hereafter, the change will be referred to as “the Reregistration”. 

The Reregistration as a public unlimited company affords the Company more flexibility with respect to arrangements with other VMware subsidiaries, with no impact on the employees, business or customers of the Company.

September 12, 2019. 

The conversion to VMware International Unlimited Company will have no impact on the employees, business or customers of the Company. The Irish registration number, Tax ID, and address will remain the same. 

Customers will be notified of the change in early October 2019, and will be asked to convert their systems, documentation and withholding tax certificates to reflect the new name, eg VMware International Unlimited Company. They will be provided a Q&A to assist them in understanding what the change means for them, including any applicable grace period that may apply to make this name change in their systems.

No, there is no requirement to change existing contracts. When existing contracts come up for renewal or replacement, they will be issued under the new name. The Company is the same legal entity - it has just been re-registered and in doing so, its name has changed.