Recognizing the winner of our Global 2020 Partner Value Award

Every year, VMware honors a distinguished group of partners around the world with the VMware Partner of the Year Awards. The awards recognize partners that deliver exceptional innovation and results with VMware solutions and are divided into several categories, most with a global winner and three regional winners.

The 2020 Global Partner Value Award goes to Lenovo. This award recognizes the impressive growth of Lenovo’s business and its customers’ businesses in China through the use of VMware solutions.

“We are thankful and honored to win the 2020 VMware Partner Value Award, which recognizes the win-win partnership between Lenovo and VMware, now in its 20th year,” says Tong Fuyao, Senior Vice President of Lenovo Group and President of Lenovo Enterprises Technology.

From startup to multinational star

Since its founding as a startup in Beijing, China in 1984, Lenovo has grown into a multinational technology company with overseas headquarters in the United States and Singapore. It is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of personal computing devices, from desktops and laptops to smartphones and tablets.

Lenovo also serves enterprise customers by partnering with VMware to provide best-in-class integrated cloud infrastructure.

An investment in VMware expertise

Lenovo understands the value of investing in and developing expertise in VMware solutions. Of the 12 VMware Solution Competencies in the VMware Partner Connect Program, Lenovo has earned nine: Server Virtualization, Management Operations, Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI), Business Continuity, Cloud Provider, Management Automation, Software-Defined LAN, Network Virtualization, and Desktop Virtualization.

Fuyao says, “In 2019, we doubled down on improving VMware skills across the organization. We spent a lot of time and effort investing in our VMware specialist team and led hundreds of enablement sessions to bolster our sales teams.” Fuyao hopes to certify all of Lenovo’s salesforce as VMware Technical Sales Professionals and 80 percent of its presales staff as VMware Certified Professionals. Half of the presale’s teams must also be certified in at least one VMware solution.

Lenovo manages a large number of data center customers and private cloud users in China, and to accelerate the implementation of hybrid cloud and multi-cloud services in China, Lenovo is certified as a VMware Cloud Provider.

A specialized hyperconverged infrastructure model

According to IDC Insights, HCI is the fastest growing market segment in China’s server market. Lenovo is capitalizing on this opportunity by working with VMware to develop a special HCI model for China. Lenovo's ThinkSystem servers have ultra-large storage capacities and powerful computing abilities. This makes the company a leader in not only hyperconverged systems and networking but also server storage and high-performance computing.

“Chinese enterprise customers increasingly need and expect full stack services that integrate IT consultants, design, deployment, operations, asset management, and the customization of localized products,” Fuyao says. “Based on our local customers’ needs, we will innovate custom products, explore new models, develop new fields, and support new industries. By better serving our customers in China, we are writing a new chapter in the partnership between VMware and Lenovo.”

Partners that customers count on

Enterprise customers need more than just a new IT infrastructure. They need reliable partners that can help them drive intelligent digital transformation at a low cost. That’s where VMware and Lenovo come in. “Our partnership is dedicated to empowering customers across industries to modernize and simplify their IT infrastructures, dramatically reduce operational costs, ensure data security, and raise efficiency,” Fuyao says.

In the manufacturing sector, Lenovo uses VMware to build a virtualization and file-sharing platform for intelligent manufacturing systems, including R&D, logistics, and quality control. These platforms boast a 99.99 percent reliability rate. In the education sector, Lenovo relies on VMware to help shift its customers from managing infrastructure to focusing on research and teaching, all at a fraction of the previous budget.

“Today’s enterprises need to improve efficiency and transform their business models,” Fuyao says. “Lenovo has deep industry know-how, and we will continue to amplify our core strengths to build end-to-end solutions with VMware.”

A new chapter begins

The Lenovo team spent months with VMware in China on a joint business plan that’s expected to more than quadruple revenue to $40 million over the next couple of years. “This not only reflects Lenovo’s commitment to VMware,” Fuyao says, “it also marks an important milestone in our globalization and localization strategy.”

Going forward, Lenovo and VMware are strengthening cooperation on intelligence infrastructure and building more advanced software-defined products and solutions for businesses in China. The scope extends to HCI, virtualization software, and hybrid cloud. Fuyao says, “Winning VMware’s Global 2020 Partner Value Award should give our customers confidence they can reap all the benefits of VMware’s world-class cloud infrastructure while greatly reducing IT costs with our enterprise services.”

Stay tuned for more spotlights from the VMware Partner of the Year awards just like this one.

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