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Expertise is the key to unlocking bigger deal sizes, better close rates and higher profits. VMware offers a range of partner training programs to build your solution skills and enable you to become a trusted advisor to customers.

VMware Learning Paths  

VMware's role-based Learning Paths provide a sequential training roadmap aligned with your job function, your current skill level and goals, and your organization's area of focus.


  • Solution-specific accreditations for sales, technical pre and post-sales, as well as operations and licensing professionals.
  • Instructor-led, virtual event, and 24/7 self-paced options.

VMware Learning Paths are designed to help you reach your highest level of proficiency with VMware technologies. Whether you're just starting out with virtualization or you're a seasoned veteran marketing, selling, architecting or deploying VMware solutions, the role-based learning paths will take you on an educational journey tailored to meet your needs.


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VMware Accreditations - Boost Your Career and Your Earnings

VMware Sales Professional (VSP)  

If you're in a sales-related role, then your first step on your education journey is to become a VSP. Once you've got basics with the Foundation accreditation, you can move on to the Proficiency Track and earn VSP accreditations in specific-solution areas. Training options include online/on-demand modules, In person and virtual Boot Camps at no cost!


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VMware Technical Solutions Professional (VTSP)  

If you've got a pre-sales technical role, then you should start by completing the VTSP-Foundation accreditation to learn the technical fundamentals about VMware solutions. From there, your education journey will move to solution-specific VTSP accreditations. Training options include online/on-demand modules, in-person workshops and virtual workshops - all free!


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VMware Operations Professional (VOP)  

The VMware Operations Professional - Subscriptions Expert or VOP-SE is an accreditation designed for Partners transacting VMware Subscription Services, e.g. VMware vCloud Air cloud-based services and/or Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solutions. This training provides an overview of VMware’s subscription services; teaches you the basics of how to quote, order and invoice for services; describes how to transact the Purchasing Programs available for subscriptions, and covers how to manage orders, Price Lists, and other processes using the Subscription Services Portal.


VMware Certifications

VMware certifications provide learning opportunities, test your knowledge and recognize your achievement in designing, deploying and managing VMware solutions in IT/cloud environments. VMware offers industry-recognized certifications for highly-skilled technical professionals with demonstrated expertise in: data center virtualization, network virtualization, cloud management and automation, or desktop and mobility.

VMware Solution Competencies  

VMware Solution Competencies make it easier to distinguish yourself and deliver comprehensive virtualization and cloud computing solutions to your customers. Partner Solution Competencies focus on developing selling skills, architecture proficiency and deployment expertise to help drive your success.

  • Opportunity to differentiate your company's expertise
  • Quantifiable returns on training investments
  • Increased eligibility for VMware Partner Network benefits

VMware Solution Competencies – the Path to Increased Revenues

New Enterprise PKS Competency 

VMware Enterprise PKS offers the most comprehensive, enterprise-grade Kubernetes solution for production environments.

The VMware Enterprise PKS competency enables partners to:

  • Identify/unlock container opportunities to grow your revenues and margin through creating & expanding customers virtualization infrastructure for VMware Enterprise PKS.
  • Extend their service delivery offerings by building practices around helping customers package and deploy existing applications leveraging Kubernetes containers through VMware Enterprise PKS.
  • Differentiate from the competition, solidifying their trusted advisor status with their customers.

Business Continuity (BC)  

The Business Continuity Solution Competency enables partners to design and implement VMware virtualization solutions for data protection, high availability and disaster recovery – a top priority for IT organizations around the world.


Partners who achieve this competency have shown up to 2x more in annual bookings and 3-6x larger unit sales of Site Recovery Manager.

Cloud Provider (CP) 

The VMware Cloud Provider Competency enables Service Provider partners to successfully identify cloud computing opportunities to sell and deliver VMware vCloud services. The competency provides you with the foundational training required to deliver VMware-based services, giving you the opportunity to participate and gain influence in the cloud discussion with your customers.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) 

The Desktop as a Service Solution Competency enables partners to help customers deliver virtual workspaces to their end users - including full Windows Client desktops, shared desktops and applications - as a monthly subscription service. VMware enables a risk-free, incremental evolution of the next-generation workspace. It provides a complete virtual workspace from the cloud, delivering desktops and applications as an easily managed, integrated cloud service. Enterprises can rapidly provision desktops and applications to users on any device, anywhere.

Desktop Virtualization (DV) 

Expand your existing virtualization practice by adding desktop virtualization to your solution portfolio. The Desktop Virtualization Competency gives you the knowledge and the expertise to deploy virtualized desktops and applications.


Partners who achieve this competency have shown up to 5x more in annual bookings and 22% more margin.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) 

The Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) Competency enables you to sell vSAN and strengthen your position as strategic advisor to customers by helping reduce the total cost of ownership for storage, automating storage management and managing storage performance. This competency is designed to help you create incremental storage opportunities with vSAN in a growing Hyperconverged Infrastructure market.

Management Automation (MA) 

Be recognized for Cloud IaaS sales and implementation expertise in heterogeneous and hybrid environments. This competency is ideal for advisory partners who help customers architect strategies, process and policies to automate provisioning and streamline application and IT service delivery. Empower IT with control, agility and efficiency while delivering personalized IT services quickly.

Management Operations (MO) 

Ideal partners expand practice beyond server virtualization and have sales demand for IT management for heterogeneous and hybrid cloud environments. Help customers:

  • improve performance
  • avoid business disruption
  • gain comprehensive visibility across applications and infrastructure

Mobility Management (MBL) 

The Mobility Management Solution Competency enables and rewards partners in the massive and growing enterprise mobility management (EMM) space. By combining AirWatch, the Gartner Magic Quadrant leader in EMM, with VMware’s world-class partner programs you have the opportunity to be a leader in the rapidly growing multi-billion dollar EMM market. Partnering with VMware, you can deliver a comprehensive desktop-to-device technology platform that manages mobile devices, applications and content.

Network Virtualization (NV) 

The Network Virtualization Competency enables and rewards partners for their demonstrated expertise in IT networking and security using VMware NSX. This competency helps you identify networking and security opportunities within your existing customers, drive pipeline, identify new customer opportunities and increase revenue while working with VMware to grow the software-defined network market.

Server Virtualization (SV) 

The Server Virtualization Competency enables and rewards partners for their demonstrated ability in virtualizing server environments and providing insight into IT capacity and performance using VMware virtualization solutions. This competency gives you the expert knowledge and tools required to accelerate your customers’ shift to IT as a Service. 

Partners who achieve this competency have shown up to 3.5x more in annual bookings and 20% more margin.

Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) 

Evolve past the limitations of outmoded, hardware-centric architecture, and help your customers accelerate their businesses. The Software-Defined Data Center Solution Competency helps partners achieve proficiency in the sale, design, implementation and delivery of software-defined solutions including virtual networking, Hyperconverged Infrastructure, server virtualization, operations management and automation. Along with these key capabilities, your company will be recognized for design and implementation experts on staff.

Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) 

The Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) Solution Competency rewards partners for demonstrated expertise in VMware NSX® SD-WAN by VeloCloudTM the latest addition to VMware's NSX portfolio and an industry leader in the growing SD-WAN market. This solution competency is ideal for partners who want to be a strategic advisor to customers who are looking to simplify their complex network, improve application performance and cut costs.

VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC on AWS) 

The VMware Cloudon AWS Competency provides partners with the sales and technical training required to be successful selling and deploying hybrid cloud solutions based on VMware Cloud on AWS. Achieving this competency enables Solution Providers, Managed Service Providers and Global System Integrator and System Outsourcer (SISO) to grow their business leveraging an integrated cloud solution that delivers an on-demand service enabling customers to run applications across a VMware Cloud Infrastructure environment with access to a broad range of AWS services. Powered by VMware Cloud Foundation, this service provides an operationally consistent and familiar way to run, manage and secure applications in a hybrid cloud environment.

VMware Master Services Competencies

VMware Master Services Competencies are designed to validate your company’s capacity to deliver services related to specific VMware technologies. These designate a high level of service capability as validated by your customers.

Your organization attains a Master Services Competency by having the required number of individuals complete a set of advanced, solution-specific VMware certifications and submission of customer references.

Cloud Management and Automation (CMA) 

Cloud Management and Automation Master Services Competency designates partner organizational expertise in delivery of VMware Cloud Management and Automation solutions and services. Achieving this competency validates partners’ deep understanding and execution of cloud management design principles and methodologies.

Data Center Virtualization (DCV) 

Data Center Virtualization Master Services Competency designates partner organizational expertise in delivery of VMware vSphere® environments and digital infrastructure services. Achieving this competency validates partners’ deep understanding and execution of Data Center Virtualization design principles and methodologies.

Desktop and Mobility (DTM) 

Desktop and Mobility Master Services Competency designates partner organizational expertise designing, installing, and maintaining VMware Workspace ONE and Horizon solutions. Achieving this competency validates partners’ deep understanding and execution of desktop and mobility design principles and methodologies to deliver a scalable and reliable digital workspace._

Network Virtualization (NV) 

Network Virtualization Master Services Competency designates partner organizational expertise in delivery of VMware NSX® environments and services. NSX offers a completely new operational model for networking that forms the foundation of the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) and enables creation of entire networks in software, embedding these networks in the hypervisor layer and abstracted from the underlying physical hardware. Achieving this competency validates partners capabilities in the deployment and optimization of NSX environments.

Global Training Events Calendar

A master schedule for upcoming partner training activities such as boot camps, webinars and approved national and regional events. It's easy to find out what, when, and where VMware Partner enablement events are taking place to move you further along the VMware educational journey.

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