Save Time and Effort in Your Cloud Migrations

Automated Live Data Discovery

Quickly discover workloads and classify them into applications using flow-based technologies. Scope discovered workloads into what should and shouldn’t be moved with an easy-to-use interface.

Data-Driven Migration Assessment

Gain a macro-level view of your migration readiness. Use smart default groups to scope candidates and understand all cloud requirements. Understand potential financial benefits and overall TCO impact.

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Migration Assessment gif

Migration Assessment

Assess migration readiness from vSphere to VMware Cloud on AWS. 

Migration Assessment
Migration Assessment gif

Migration Assessment

Assess migration readiness from vSphere to VMware Cloud on AWS. 

VMware Tanzu Transformer Features

Live Data Collection

Perform actual inventory-based assessment from vCenter(s). Online and offline options available.

Automated Application Discovery

Get automatic grouping of machines into applications, and applications into resource usage based categories.

Migration Sizing Recommendations

View sizing recommendations for VMware Cloud on AWS SDDCs via integration with VMC Sizer.

Flexible Migration Scoping

Enable broad or fine scoping based on clusters, vCenter tags, resource usage or vCenter folders.

Application Dependency Analysis

Analyze application dependencies to properly scope migration, gaining insight into what to potentially include or exclude.

Cloud Economics Model

See cost-benefit analysis and savings of VMware Cloud on AWS in comparison with your existing environment. Get AWS cost assessments for vSphere VMs for lift and shift migrations.

VMware Tanzu Transformer Pricing

VMware Tanzu Transformer

Assess migration readiness with higher scale from vSphere to VMware Cloud on AWS or AWS.

On-demand pricing starts at $12.50 per month per core license. Subscription pricing starts at $105 per core for 1 year. 

Licensing based on starting infrastructure before the migration.

Quickly receive migration assessments for workloads based on network flows, including:

  • Actual inventory-based assessment from your own vCenter(s)
  • Cost-benefit analysis of VMC on AWS in comparison with on-premises
  • Real-time vCenter(s) inventory and dependency collection 
  • Inventory upload using RVTools export 
  • Iterative scoping of migration targets at a fine-grained level 
  • Plan validation using dependencies and application groupings, without machine agents or machine credentials

VMware Tanzu Transformer Assessment

The migration assessment service of VMware Tanzu Transformer allows you to assess migration readiness from vSphere to VMware Cloud on AWS or AWS for free.

update to new naming [SH1]Quickly receive migration assessments for workloads, including:

  • Up to 2,000 VMs and 500,000 network flows 
  • Real-time vCenter(s) inventory and dependency collection for first 30 days (assessment data will be deleted after 30 days)

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