NSX Automation Capabilities


NSX empowers your IT team to automate networking and security resource provisioning and delivery. This automation enables fast, standardized, and consistent self-service for developers and the business across multiple on-premises and cloud environments.

Developers can get automated infrastructure-as-code-based networking and security to speed up the development of traditional and new container-based and microservices architecture applications. And IT can increase asset utilization while reducing operational costs by hosting multiple tenants on a common infrastructure, regardless of organizational or geographic boundaries.


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IT Automation

Automate the provisioning, deployment, and management of networking and security services across environments and application architectures.

Multi-tenant Infrastructure

With NSX you can provision and deliver networking and security services to multiple tenants on a shared infrastructure, enabling increased asset utilization and lower overall infrastructure costs.

Developer Cloud

Use NSX to automate common networking and security policies across traditional VM-based environments, containers, microservice architectures, and clouds. Make infrastructure-as-code-based development cycles faster, more connected, and more secure.




Exostar Automates and Simplifies IT Operations

Exostar has significantly reduced the time it takes to provision and manage new networking and security services while operating a multi-tenant cloud environment, without sacrificing security.


“We have been able to improve the overall visibility into our infrastructure, streamline processes, and reduce expenses by moving to software-defined infrastructure for networking and security services. We could not have achieved these results with a traditional hardware-defined approach.”

— Raj Dasgupta, Director of IT at Exostar