VMware vRealize Automation automates the delivery of personalized infrastructure, applications and custom IT services.

This cloud automation software lets you deploy across a multi-vendor hybrid cloud infrastructure, giving you both flexibility and investment protection for current and future technology choices.


vRealize Automation 7.0 Overview

Add more value to your IT service delivery automation.

What vRealize Automation Does

Agility Through Automation

Automate the end-to-end delivery and management of infrastructure, and accelerate application deployment and releases.

Choice Through Flexibility

Provision and manage multivendor, multicloud infrastructure and applications by leveraging existing infrastructure, tools and processes.

Personalization Through Governance Policies

Ensure that users receive the right size resource or application at the appropriate service level for the jobs they need to perform.

Efficiency Through Cost Containment

Provide consistent, automated delivery and management of IT services and reduce time-consuming, manual processes. Reclaim inactive resources for reuse with automated reclamation, providing cost savings.


vRealize Automation delivers the agility necessary for IT to respond quickly and appropriately to new business requests across a broad range of use cases. 


Centrally Manage Public and Private Clouds

Flexibly manage your cloud infrastructure, control costs, and maintain strong governance.

Get More From Your vRealize Software Investments

Gain expert advice on installing and optimizing vRealize Operations, vRealize Automation and vRealize Business.

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Tribune Media Doubles Its Productivity With vRealize Automation

Tribune uses vRealize Automation to power a frictionless enterprise in which two people manage 90 percent of the infrastructure.

Forrester Total Economic Impact of VMware Automated Application Deployment

Decrease provisioning times by 95 percent, increase developer productivity by 20 percent and reduce cost per virtual machine by 80 percent.

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Enhanced Governance

Meet specific business needs at the right service level with personalized, policy-based governance. Deliver infrastructure, applications or any IT service through a unified IT service catalog.

Flexible Cloud Deployment

Greater control and governance enable rapid adoption of hybrid cloud, providing investment protection for current and future technology choices. Choose the right cloud platform and location that meets the business needs.

Unified Blueprint Model & Design Canvas

Assemble applications from prebuilt components using a visual canvas with a drag-and-drop interface. Choose from a prebuilt content library or leverage existing configuration management tools. Export, import and edit automation blueprints as text.

Continuous Delivery

Support rapid iterations and DevOps principles by automating the pipeline for any kind of software. Artifact management provides versioning support, and a release dashboard provides end-to-end visibility into release history.

Extensible Automation Platform

Increase IT agility and service orientation while lowering operational costs. An extensible framework and broad multivendor, multicloud support make it easy to leverage existing tools and skills while moving toward flexible, hybrid cloud goals. Leverage prebuilt components using VMware and partner-provided solutions in VMware Cloud Management Marketplace.


vRealize Automation Advanced
vRealize Automation Enterprise
Features Self-Service with unified service catalog and API functionality
vRealize Automation Advanced
vRealize Automation Enterprise
Features Multi-vendor virtual, physical and public cloud support
vRealize Automation Advanced
vRealize Automation Enterprise
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
vRealize Automation Advanced
vRealize Automation Enterprise
Anything as a Service (XaaS)
vRealize Automation Advanced
vRealize Automation Enterprise
Application Authoring
vRealize Automation Advanced
vRealize Automation Enterprise


vRealize Automation is included as part of  vCloud Suite or vRealize Suite. vRealize Automation is also available on a standalone basis, priced per managed system in packs of 25.


Questions? Contact a vRealize Automation sales expert (877) 524-2555 or send an email. Use the Partner Locator to find a reseller near you.