VMware Site Recovery Manager Versions

VMware Site Recovery Manager is the industry-leading solution to enable application availability and mobility across sites in private cloud environments.

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Site Recovery Manager Product Overview

Product Summary

Protect all of your virtualized applications with Site Recovery Manager, an automation solution that provides policy-based management, non-disruptive testing and automated orchestration of recovery plans.

Site Recovery Manager 6.1 introduces enterprise-level capabilities that deliver a new level of availability and mobility for private cloud environments.

New Features of Site Recovery Manager 6.1 include:
  • Storage policy-based management: Site Recovery Manager 6.1 simplifies the process of adding and removing protection to virtual machines. It features new storage-profile protection groups that:

    • Utilize vSphere storage profiles to identify protected datastores and automate the process of protecting and unprotecting virtual machines and adding and removing datastores from protection groups.

    • Enable integration with vRealize Automation to perform self-service provisioning of SRM protection to applications in a private cloud environments.
  • Integration with VMware NSX: Integration with VMware NSX 6.2 lets you use network virtualization to simplify the creation and execution of recovery plans and accelerate recovery.

    • By leveraging new NSX logical switches that span vCenter boundaries, Site Recovery Manager allows you to automatically map network resources across the sites when creating a recovery plan, which lowers operational expenses and reduces time to protection.

    • After failover, network and security settings including IP addresses, security groups, firewall settings and edge configurations are preserved on recovered virtual machines, further decreasing recovery times.
  • Zero-downtime application mobility: Site Recovery Manager 6.1 can orchestrate cross-vCenter vMotion operations at scale using recovery plans when using a supported metro-distance stretched storage solution as underlying replication.

    • Site Recovery Manager users can perform disaster avoidance and data center migrations without downtime and accelerate disaster recovery time.

    • Stretched-storage users can experience the benefits of Site Recovery Manager, such as centralized recovery plans, automated non-disruptive testing and orchestrated virtual machine recovery.

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