Featured Products

Featured Products


VMware Cloud on AWS

  • VMware managed Tanzu services accelerate application modernization with an easy path to enterprise-grade Kubernetes  
  • Secure your cloud applications with VMware NSX Advanced Firewall and Carbon Black advanced workload protection
  • Build highly available and resilient infrastructure with intelligent availability zones 


VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts

  • Get a fully managed VMware Cloud experience on-premises running on bare-metal AWS Outposts 
  • Deploy end-to-end VMware operated Hybrid Cloud as a Service in combination with VMware Cloud on AWS 
  • Take advantage of compatible infrastructure and consistent operations on-premises, in the cloud and at the network edge 

vRealize Cloud Universal

  • Get enhanced app monitoring and multi-cloud capabilities for Standard and Advanced customers with vRealize Operations Enterprise Universal add-on
  • Announcing new monitoring and capacity management capabilities for Horizon customers in vRealize Operations with the new vRealize Cloud Universal add-on for Horizon 
  • Gain end-to-end network visibility and analytics across VMware and 3rd party infrastructure with vRealize Cloud Universal Enterprise Plus edition through VMware Cloud Universal  

VMware Cloud on Dell with Tanzu Services

  • Discover fully managed infrastructure as a service with support for modern workloads using VMware Tanzu services 
  • Get Tanzu Kubernetes clusters as a managed service through the VMware Cloud Console 
  • Centrally manage all your Kubernetes clusters no matter where they are with Tanzu Mission Control 

VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery

  • Accelerate ransomware recovery with the new file-level recovery capability, recovery guide, and resources page 
  • Get simpler, integrated data protection for VMware Cloud on AWS VMs with no additional software to setup

vSphere 7 Update 3

  • Streamline setup of NSX-T from within vSphere Client
  • Deliver AI-ready infrastructure with enhanced VM Service for GPU hosts
  • Tune performance and boost resilience of persistent memory
  • Reduce storage costs by utilizing NVMe over TCP

vSAN 7 Update 3

  • Deliver developer-ready infrastructure with new stateful services on the vSAN Data Persistence platform
  • Simplify operations with enhanced infrastructure monitoring and health check correlation for faster time to resolution
  • Boost security with key persistence and increase resiliency for edge deployments

vRealize Cloud Management

  • Management for Oracle Cloud VMware Service, Google Cloud VMware Engine, and Azure VMware Service; app-aware monitoring for 200+ apps; v-Sphere with Tanzu provisioning; native configuration automation 
  • Multi-cloud support with monitoring for all AWS services, expanded support for Azure and Google Cloud Platform, and updated Azure provisioning
  • Enjoy a major revamp of the product experience, including EFT for NSX Advanced Load Balancer integration, additional assurance and verification support for Cisco, and expanded SaaS availability 


CloudHealth by VMware

  • Optimize, govern and secure your environment across clouds and Kubernetes deployments
  • Drive financial accountability with advanced chargeback, showback and cost reporting capabilities
  • Improve cloud to Kubernetes security posture with real-time, multi-cloud search and advanced risk detection rules  

Google Cloud VMware Engine

  • Gain unified operability across the SDDC, Google Cloud VMware Engine, and Google Cloud Platform with these new VMware Cloud Verified services: Horizon, vRealize Automation, vRealize Operations, vRealize Network Insight, NSX Advanced Load Balancer, and SD-WAN 
  • Save time and money across the Cloud journey, quantified by new VMware Cloud Economics primary research 

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

  • Take advantage of new flexible billing options and get discounted rates for 1-year and 3-year commitments
  • Trust the stringent performance, security, and compliance standards of Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, recognized with IL5 P-ATO by the United States FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board  
  • Get Expanded availability for Australian government agencies with IRAP compliance at the PROTECTED classification

VMware Cloud Universal

  • Simplify the operation of Kubernetes for multi-cloud across on-premises, public cloud and edge with the addition of VMware Tanzu Standard Edition
  • Deploy open source aligned Kubernetes with centralized multi-cloud, multi-cluster Kubernetes management  
  • Flexibly consume enterprise-grade multi-cloud infrastructure, management, and operations for traditional and modern applications

Introducing Project Arctic

  • SaaS offering that will bring multi-cloud to the fingertips of vSphere customers, by natively integrating cloud connectivity into vSphere – making vSphere cloud-aware, and making hybrid cloud the “default” operating model
  • Millions of IT Admins who use vCenter on-premises will be able to leverage their domain expertise and benefit from expanded cloud capabilities with the VMware Cloud Console
  • Customers will be able to instantly access VMware Cloud capacity and deploy VMware Cross-Cloud Services

Project Monterey

  • Reimagine virtual infrastructure as a distributed architecture enabled by the DPU 
  • Extend VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware vSphere as a unified platform for traditional, cloud native, and bare-metal workloads 
  • Deliver a flexible, integrated solutions ecosystem of DPU and server vendors 

Introducing Project Ensemble

  • Leverage and integrate all the capabilities of vRealize services in a single UI for a unified multi-cloud management experience  
  • Persona-centric and app-centric business insights for curated use cases with machine learning to learn and customize the interface to your unique needs 
  • Insights and analytical views that drive actionable workflows and remediations, with in-context switching to individual vRealize services for deep dives 


CloudHealth Secure State

  • Get real-time visibility and security monitoring across accounts, regions and providers with unified multi-cloud search 
  • Correlate and visualize misconfiguration and compliance violations across Kubernetes and cloud deployments with the industry-first risk detection engine 
  • Enable developers to automate exception requests and reduce false positives at scale with an advanced security policy suppression engine

VMware Carbon Black Container

  • Secure containers with simple deployment and security integrated into the CI/CD pipeline 
  • Automate enforcing of security policies to deliver adaptable and resilient containerized applications  
  • Maintain DevOps velocity through continuous scanning of containers and Kubernetes configuration files beginning at build 

Risk-Prioritized Vulnerability Management

  • Prioritize threats by risk based on threat intelligence, observed exploits in the wild, traditional vulnerability scoring mechanisms (CVSS), machine learning, and predictive modeling 
  • Reduce overall alert volume and focus on vulnerabilities that pose a true risk to your organization 
  • Streamline collaboration with other teams by reducing the number of vulnerabilities to patch or mitigate and having the context to support those decisions 

VMware Carbon Black Workload for VMware Cloud on AWS

  • Enable workload protection with a single click from vSphere with agentless deployment 
  • Increase visibility and automate vulnerability prioritization to focus on the most critical risks in your environment 
  • Operationalize security across environments to achieve targeted, confident, and faster actions with automated risk and response analysis 

Zero Trust Security Inside and Across the Multi-Cloud

  • Reduce the attack surface inside the cloud and protect workloads with fine-grain controls
  • Secure API communications between application components and detect anomalies  
  • Secure inter-cloud connectivity by securing the edge. Monitor and filter traffic to enable secure web application communication
  • Respond to the most advanced threats in real time and formulate a rapid remediation plan to secure your business and maintain uptime and reliability 


Multilayer Ransomware Defense

  • Use AI/ML to detect beaconing, anomalous internal file transfers and unusual traffic patterns of ransomware 
  • Analyze all file behaviors with full system emulation and use AI to detect malicious code  
  • Enable SOC teams to quickly triage advanced threats by automatically correlating and mapping ransomware activities to MITRE ATT&CK 

VMware Cloud Web Security

  • Tighten attack surface by controlling web sites and content users can access 
  • Protect against malware and zero-day attack and prevent sensitive data from leaving your premises 
  • Gain visibility and control into sanctioned and unsanctioned applications  


vRealize Network Insight 6.4

  • New visibility insights for NSX-T, Azure VMware Solution, Google Cloud VMware Engine, and VMware Cloud on Dell EMC 
  • Expanded troubleshooting across multiple NSX-T data centers with support for NSX-T Federation deployments 
  • Faster application issue resolution with correlation between data center, multi-cloud, and branches for VMware SD-WAN 

VMware SASE 4.5

  • Connect your workforce to cloud and data center apps from anywhere and any device in an optimal, efficient and secure manner 
  • Simplify operations using a single management pane for networking and security 
  • Deliver rich user experience for the distributed workforce, with actionable insights from AIOps

Edge Network Intelligence

  • Gain visibility into user experience when remote workers connect to any application from anywhere 
  • Increase end-user and IoT device productivity, with operational application assurance for cloud applications on any device at the enterprise edge
  • Shift your focus to proactive insights and self-healing powered by AIOps with auto-discovery, automatic baselining, monitoring and analytics 

VMware Secure Access

  • Connect users anywhere, on any device, to cloud and data center applications in an optimal manner 
  • Remove legacy VPN connectivity bottlenecks with cloud-delivered tunnel service closer to the users 
  • Boost IT efficiency with automatic management of network and scaling 

Modern Connectivity with Tanzu Service Mesh

  • Combine service mesh and ingress services for end-to-end connectivity, north-south and east-west security, and observability for app modernization
  • Get a high-fidelity, behavior-based security model for services, APIs, and data in the Enterprise Edition 
  • Take advantage of strong service identities, automated key management, data security policies, threat detection and protection, with  and deep, and actionable application and data insights

App Modernization

Tanzu Community Edition

  • Get VMware Tanzu up and running for free in minutes on your local workstation or favorite cloud 
  • Learn, evaluate, and use Tanzu with a freely available, community- supported, open source Tanzu software distribution

Tanzu Application Service

  • Reduce operator workload with longer duration certificates, enhanced NSX-T capabilities, RBAC improvements and TLS 1.3/TLS Everywhere
  • Enable developers with the features needed to build modern applications, including HTTP/2 support, Tanzu Cloud Native Buildpacks v3, and new cloud service brokers for Azure and AWS 

Tanzu Observability by Wavefront

  • Shorten mean time to repair with Automated Probable Root Cause (beta)
  • Build and fine-tune alerts that are actionable using a guided workflow 
  • Customize Kubernetes cluster metric collection using Tanzu Mission Control
  • Gain visibility and alerting on vRealize Operation Cloud SDDC metrics in Tanzu Observability (beta) 
  • Enjoy enhanced PromQL support through the implementation of the PromQL HTTP API 

Tanzu Mission Control

  • Manage the complete lifecycle of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid clusters on VMware Cloud and native Azure Cloud 
  • Deploy and manage Tanzu platform components through Tanzu Mission Control  
  • Get data protection that supports more storage locations and can restore to a different namespace  
  • Access enhanced image, network and quota policies, and support for policy as code with built-in custom templates

Tanzu Mission Control Starter

  • Try the free tier of Tanzu Mission Control available as a SaaS service 
  • Get global visibility and policy control over your Kubernetes clusters whether on-prem or in the in your favorite cloud 
  • Combine with Tanzu Community Edition to running and managing Kubernetes-based containerized applications at no cost 
  • Attach existing clusters from other providers (including AKS, GKE, and EKS) to Tanzu Mission Control Starter for central management

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Introduces New Features

  • Introducing experimental support for Windows containers – to learn more, please attend session APP1999
  • Introducing GPU workload support in Tanzu Kubernetes Grid  for AWS, Azure and vSphere. To learn more, please attend session APP2170
  • Now including support for lifecycle managed packages (extensions) through the Tanzu CLI instead of out of band
  • Specify different credentials for components of your clusters on VMware vSphere platforms

VMware Tanzu Standard for VMware Cloud Universal

  • Consume Tanzu Standard edition as a standalone service in the Cloud Universal program to run and manage Kubernetes clusters in multi-cloud environments 
  • Get an open source aligned Kubernetes distribution across clouds with centralized multi-cloud Kubernetes management  

Tanzu Service Mesh Enterprise

  • Get advanced, end-to-end connectivity and security for applications across end-users, microservices, APIs and data
  • Give app teams choice and control over technologies and locations to meet performance, reliability, security, and compliance objectives
  • Integrate data security into existing DevOps tools and CI/CD pipelines for developer self-service
  • Enable security teams to Shift Left to improve velocity, reduce business risk, and enable app security compliance

Anywhere Workspace

Future Ready Workforce Solutions

  • Elevate your Zero Trust strategy with new options for multi-factor authentication and real-time continuous enforcement  
  • Simplify security architecture with a comprehensive solution for Endpoint security, ZTNA, and cloud web security 


  • Run desktops and apps anywhere with more deployment options across private and public cloud platforms 
  • Optimize management of VDI and app environments with SaaS management services using the Horizon Control Plane 
  • Transform legacy infrastructure with integrated leading edge technologies that automate the provisioning and management of virtual desktops and apps

Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management

  • Get the best support for all devices and management below the OS layer 
  • Simplify and automate UEM with Freestyle Orchestrator low/no-code orchestration 
  • Measure and proactively improve user productivity with EX scores and automated root cause analysis
  • Extend beyond endpoints to get full lifecycle management of SaaS apps with the new VMware SaaS App Management solution


VMware Telco Cloud Platform

  • Deliver consistent operational experience for CNFs and VNFs across core and edge  
  • Dynamically control network operations with multi-layer automation 
  • Accelerate new deployments with certified ecosystem solutions 

VMware Telco Cloud Platform RAN

  • Evolve RAN into a 5G multi-services hub with a horizontal platform for 5G services 
  • Optimize workload processing time at RAN far edge sites  
  • Dynamically provision thousands of platforms across distributed RAN sites by understanding unique requirements

VMware Telco Cloud Infrastructure

  • Transform your telco cloud with best-of-breed multi-vendor VNFs 
  • Architect your networks for optimum application throughput using resource guarantee, monitoring, and closed-loop remediation 
  • Deliver services with consistent connectivity, integrated security, and QoS 

VMware Telco Cloud Automation

  • Accelerate network service time-to-market with a vendor-neutral and standard-compliant approach for designing and onboarding network functions and services 
  • Embed multi-cloud and cloud-native agility to your operational processes, with end-to-end lifecycle management automation capabilities
  • Onboard and orchestrate workloads seamlessly from VM- and container-based infrastructures for adaptive service-delivery foundation


  • Simplify WAN operations with holistic monitoring, performance management, and zero-touch provisioning in minutes 
  • Assure application performance over any WAN link to delivery content across transports 
  • Easily transition to new cloud opportunities with managed on-ramp to any cloud 

VMware Edge Compute Stack

  • Consistent Multi-Cloud Edge Platform - Build, run, manage, connect and protect edge-native applications at the Near and Far Edge
  • Multi-Cloud Operational Consistency - Simplify operations and management across multi-cloud environments
  • Unified and Context-Centric Security - Protect distributed users, data and applications against threats at all levels

Emerging Technologies

Project Capitola: Software-Defined Memory for Data-Centric Computing

  • Announcing software-defined memory, delivered by a partnership between VMware and industry leading memory and server vendors 
  • Aggregate memory tiers across DRAM, PMEM, and NVMe 
  • Unify consumption models across memory tiers, that is transparent to applications

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