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A Complete Endpoint Security Solution


VMware Workspace Security delivers on the vision of intrinsic security. By combining industry-leading unified endpoint management and endpoint security platforms, we can leverage the power of big data to provide comprehensive endpoint visibility as well as actionable insights in conjunction with data-driven prevention technology through a single dashboard. Workspace Security analyzes millions of systems, behavior and real-time threat signals to enforce compliance, secure applications and resources, and block malware and attack vectors to ensure a secure digital workspace.

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Key Workspace Security Benefits

Gain Deeper Insights

Using big telemetry data and intelligence capabilities, get a clear, comprehensive picture of endpoint activity to investigate endpoints, follow the stages of an attack, and identify the root cause to address security gaps.

Minimize Alert Fatigue

Minimize alert fatigue generated by multiple, overlapping security vendors and tools that lack integration.

Reduce Cost and Complexity

Reduce costs and IT burden by eliminating point products and unifying the endpoint management and security experiences.

Ensure Zero Trust Security

Ensure secure, Zero Trust access to applications and resources, and improve hygiene across users, applications, devices and endpoints.

Coordinate Response Across Teams

Enable coordinated response to security events across IT and Infosec teams to reduce team silos.

Detect and Prevent Threats

Incorporate user, device, and application information with intelligent risk management and behavioral prevention, detection, and response to effectively identify and block incoming threats.

Workspace Security Use Cases 

Take an Intrinsic Approach to Security

Deliver an “always verify, never trust” approach to security utilizing risk-based conditional access, integrated multi-factor authentication, application tunneling and threat detection and response.

VMware Intrinsic Security Brochure 

Securely Support Remote or Distributed Workforces

Secure anywhere access from corporate or employee owned devices to SaaS, mobile, web, virtualized apps and desktops supported by next generation antivirus and behavioral endpoint detection and response.

Business Continuity Solutions 

Unify Endpoint Management and Security

Reduce the number of point products and vendors across device lifecycle management, mobile device management and endpoint security with VMware Workspace Security.

Hands-on Experience with Workspace Security 

VMware Products for Workspace Security 

Workspace ONE

VMware Workspace ONE combines risk-based conditional access control with industry-leading unified endpoint management to help IT proactively secure their digital workspace of users, apps and endpoints.

Carbon Black Cloud

VMware Carbon Black Cloud is a cloud-native endpoint protection platform (EPP) that allows customers to block malware, fully investigate and contain attacks, and expand protection globally without new architectural design, using a single lightweight agent and easy to use console.

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