Protect Against Financial Services Cybersecurity Threats with VMware

Strengthen Data Security and Protect Brand

  • Proactively manage cyber defense, including app monitoring, detection, and response to threats.
  • Leverage micro-segmentation to create a zero-trust environment to mitigate the spread of an attack.
  • Dynamically firewall based on pre-defined policies.
  • Boost data protection and sovereignty, and support compliance with rigorous regulatory frameworks (e.g., FATCA, GDPR).​
  • Protect data at rest and data in motion with a software-defined data center model.
  • Fight fraud with Blockchain technology.

Embrace Mobility While Minimizing Risk

  • Allow and support personal devices (i.e. BYOD) without sacrificing security.
  • Deliver the right apps to the right people with an identity-defined app catalog.
  • Enforce conditional access based on authentication strength, data sensitivity, user location, device compliance, and more.
  • Safeguard data by remotely tracking, locking, or wiping mobile endpoint devices.
  • Get real-time, over-the-air management and security across any OS and any app through a single pane of glass.

Secure, Manage, and Scale IoT Infrastructure at the Branch

  • Manage diverse, connected devices such as beacons, sensors, surveillance cameras, and other edge systems from a single console, eliminating the need for multiple proprietary device management tools.
  • Protect data from a compromised gateway/edge system through an enterprise wipe.
  • Monitor sensors and enable analytics to happen in real time.
  • Onboard, manage, and monitor smart sensors on ATMs in remote locations on one centralized platform.

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