Overcome Smart City Challenges


VMware can help you onboard, manage, monitor and secure all your IoT things throughout their lifecycle to create greater efficiencies at regional/municipal levels, promote transparency and compliance for citizens and enable more effective overall collaboration.


Smart Cities

Take Control of IoT

VMware and Dell Technologies are proud to join with Ford Motor Company to sponsor the City of Tomorrow Challenge, which identifies new mobility solutions that create immediate impact for residents and support broader planning efforts in cities.

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Improve the Lives of Citizens

Provide a better quality of life for city dwellers by optimized traffic flow, smart parking, smart waste management and more efficient public transportation.

Smart Police Stations

Improve police operations by helping track criminals and police equipment as well as provide better citizen security with surveillance optimization.

Better Emergency Management

Improve incidence response and predict emergency situation by connecting alert systems to law enforcement proactively.

Create Smart Buildings

Reduce energy costs, improve infrastructure energy consumption and promote environment sustainability.