Featured Products

Featured Products

Accelerate App Delivery

Introducing VMware Tanzu Application Engine

  • An app-centric layer of abstraction that allows apps to run anywhere in a multi-cloud environment with consistent operational governance and compliance
  • Avoid ticket driven ops with self-service access for developers to runtime environments that serve collaborative application-specific governance and compliance needs 
  • Platform & operations teams can independently contribute governance and compliance traits to the application environments that are automatically applied
  • Announced as a Tech Preview 

Enhanced Multi-Cloud Cost Forecasting

  • Leverage the enhanced VMware Tanzu Cost powered by CloudHealth forecasting (beta) built on a suite of machine learning algorithms and application owner inputs
  • Forecast costs up to 36 months based on historical data ensuring periodicity, seasonality, and data deviations
  • Utilize forecasting for budget management and planning 

Introducing VMware Tanzu Developer Portal

  • Leverage an internal developer portal in Tanzu Application Platform for seamless coordination, collaboration, and execution across teams and business units in enterprise software organizations
  • Based on the Backstage open source IDP project  
  • Fully supports the growing ecosystem of plug-ins catering to wide variety of developer needs (beta)

A True Multi-Cloud Management Platform

  • VMware Tanzu Hub offers multi-cloud visibility with governance and intelligent insights into distributed public cloud and Kubernetes environments 
  • Now available integrated AI Query and chat-aided automated configuration to effortlessly deploy an SDDC on-command
  • Your centralized platform powered by cloud-scale, graph-based data store technology

Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations

  • Simplify delivery of VMware TKG, AWS EKS, and now Azure AKS clusters, providing developers with greater Kubernetes choice  
  • Strengthen enterprise security with improved alerting, support for private registries, and new self-deployment model for Tanzu Mission Control  
  • Improve scalability and resilience of enterprise Kubernetes clusters with new data protection capabilities that enable point-in-time and crash-consistent backups 
  • Optimize cost with upcoming FinOps capabilities and provide greater operational efficiency with enhanced service mesh topology mapping  

Enforce Continuous Cloud Governance

  • Enhance the ability to scale multi-cloud governance standards quickly and consistently with VMware Tanzu Guardrails
  • Leverage the new landing zone creation and continuous enforcement capabilities
  • Automate creation of compliant accounts and enforce Day 0 policies

Tanzu Application Platform 1.6

  • Enhance the developer experience with Spring Framework 6 native compilation, automated AppSSO configuration for application workloads, and deep integration with your preferred IDE tools
  • Implement enterprise security at scale with secure by default server workloads, do-it-yourself scanner integration (beta), triaging CVEs (alpha), and more
  • Streamline the software supply chain with automated builds based on upstream changes in the dependencies used by workloads, improved error logging and faster installation across clouds

AI-ML Based Actionable Insights

  • Identify actionable alerts and accelerate issue resolution with VMware Tanzu Insights
  • Elevate deeper and contextual troubleshooting with AI-ML based insights for Kubernetes and multi-cloud environments
  • Benefit from VMware Tanzu Hub – a common data platform with insights from metrics, events, logs, traces, and observability data

Tanzu Mission Control

  • New self-managed deployment option for regulated industries and sovereign clouds in addition to the SaaS option 
  • Improvements for data protection including persistent volume snapshots, improved visibility and flexibility to control backup schedules
  • Enhanced support for the lifecycle management of Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) clusters and additional visibility for the cost of attached, managed, and new (estimated) EKS and AKS clusters 
  • New private registry support to avoid container image pulls from Tanzu’s public registries 

Next-Gen Public Cloud Automation

  • Introducing VMware Aria Automation for public clouds for VMware Aria Universal Suite
  • Unlock access to enhanced public cloud management capabilities and VMware Tanzu Hub 
  • Leverage AWS, Azure, and GCP resources based on the new VMware Aria Automation plugin framework

VMware Data Solutions

  • Get the latest on Greenplum 7, that introduces a wealth of enhancements and additions to complement the current version 
  • VMware Greenplum and Samsung together powering disruptive speed and performance for your big-data, analytics, and data warehousing landscape 
  • Launching Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) beta for RabbitMQ as a service, empowering your business to deploy in your chosen public or private cloud or vSphere


Tanzu Application Service 5.0

  • Further automation of the security certificate rotation process reduces toil and significantly improves platform maintenance efficiency
  • New architecture for components reduces platform footprint and lowers infrastructure costs
  • The developer portal beta improves developer productivity by enabling them to try out new runtime resources, application accelerators, and the software catalog

VMware Application Catalog

  • A premium application distribution to minimize threat landscape and provide actionable visibility into CVEs present in open source software artifacts 
  • Several new options to deeply customize open source software artifacts as per enterprise policies 
  • Support for distributing OSS artifacts through multiple catalogs for exclusive, compliant usage by different business units and internal teams 

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 2.3

  • Manage network addresses more flexibly and efficiently with more granular and robust IP address management
  • Improve cluster resilience and efficiency with support for availability zones running on vSphere infrastructure
  • Comply more easily with security requirements in regulated industries with expanded coverage of CIS and STIG requirements and exception documentation

Spring Consulting

  • Seamlessly upgrade or migrate your apps to the latest version of Spring/Spring Boot 
  • Architect, develop, or modernize applications to take full advantage of the Spring framework 
  • Embed Spring expertise into your team to guide and advise your decisions 
  • VMware Spring Runtime, Spring Academy, and now Spring Consulting are part of Spring solutions 


Azure Spring Apps is Now Better in Three Ways

  • Minimize internal cycles with a fully operational environment in 20 minutes in a scalable industry-trusted manner 
  • Pinpoint any active Spring application, versions, runtime, and environment variable, and gauge readiness by examining app binaries with preliminary cloud deployment cost estimates
  • Improve the total cost of ownership with a 1-3 years’ commitment 


Accelerate/Optimize Enterprise Cloud


Introducing NSX+

  • Simplest path to consistent multi-cloud networking, security, and advanced load balancing 
  • Gain centralized policy, app visibility, and operations across deployments with cloud delivered services 
  • Leverage multi-VPC architecture to simplify network and cloud consumption for tenants 
  • Strengthen multi-cloud security posture with Network Detection and Response delivered from cloud portal 
New VMware SD-WAN Client

VMware Cloud on AWS

  • Get enterprise grade cloud management out of the box with VMware Cloud on AWS Advanced tier
  • Accelerate your cloud transformation initiatives with expanded regional availability in AWS Europe (Zurich) and AWS Asia Pacific (Melbourne). Now available in 25 global regions


VMware Cloud on Equinix Metal

VMware Cloud Flex Storage

  • Enterprise-grade cloud storage that keeps your business growing 
  • Petabyte-scale cloud storage capacity with elastic growth 
  • Ensured performance for enterprise mission critical workloads 

vSAN 8 Update 2 with vSAN Max

  • Scale independently to deliver up to 7.2 PB per storage cluster, maximize utilization, and reduce costs with vSAN Max
  • Unlock even higher performance, scalability, and resilience in vSAN Express Storage Architecture
  • Consolidate 2.5x more VDI VMs per host in ESA, driving down costs
  • Gain greater operational flexibility and improve detection and remediation of performance issues
  • The new vSAN Max offering will be licensed separately from existing vSAN editions
Next-Gen SD-WAN and SASE

VMware Ransomware Recovery

  • Proactively detect modern ransomware strains in snapshot copies with live behavioral analysis 
  • Lower response times and accelerate recovery time utilizing ML-powered threat intelligence  
  • Streamline operations with a centralized workflow that integrates critical detection, response and recovery capabilities 
vSAN 8

Prevent Threats Across Clouds with NSX

  • Gain unparalleled visibility into multi-cloud workloads, assess your security posture, and implement effective security controls. 
  • Accelerate the journey to Zero Trust by simplifying lateral security controls such as micro-segmentation
  • Detect suspicious activities, anomalies, and both known and unknown threats based on signatures and app behavior 
  • Elevate SOC operations with increased signal fidelity, more efficient alerting, and focused response efforts 
VMware Cloud Flex Storage

VMware Aria Migration

  • Initial availability of AWS cost assessments now available for vSphere VMs for lift and shift migrations
  • Announcing Tech Preview of AWS Cloud Transformation cost assessments for re-platformed or re-architected workloads as PaaS services
  • Beta of Migration Wave Exports to accelerate migration from on-premises to Cloud Packs or VMware Clouds now available 
VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Aria Operations for Networks

  • Hybrid Cloud Network Visibility Beta is now available, providing network traffic visibility from an SDDC across Amazon S3, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, AWS Direct Connect, and AWS Transit Gateway
  • VMware Aria Operations for Networks Intelligent Assist Tech Preview is now available, which utilizes AI search with Large Language Models (LLMs) so users can input natural language queries to help solve network and traffic-related issues
  • Network Insights Beta, using AI/ML, can analyze and help with root cause analysis of network traffic, anomalies, and dependencies
VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts

VMware HCX+ 

  • Obtain a single pane of glass to plan and execute migrations across hybrid and multi-cloud 
  • Achieve quick and streamlined deployment with minimal site onboarding steps  
  • Receive automatic upgrades with new features and security patches, along with pre-check compatibility validations 
VMware Cloud Foundation+

VMware NSX ALB Enhances VMware Stacks

  • Add application awareness to NSX, vSphere, Tanzu, and more 
  • Gain operational efficiencies through ease of deployment, automation, and improved security 
  • Integrate NSX Advanced Load Balancer into your VMware solutions 


VMware Edge Compute Stack 2.0

VMware Cloud Software Editions

  • Multi-cloud IaaS that spans across on-premises, public cloud, and sovereign clouds  
  • Single, integrated console that supports consistent infrastructure, operations, and security across all clouds  
  • Flexibility to choose the software edition and operating model that matches your organization's cloud transformation stage 
  • Subscription flexibility that allows seamless transition between cloud environments and operators 
VMware SASE App Catalog

VMware Aria Operations

  • Gain a singular view to all your VMware Aria Operations, VMware Aria Operations for Logs, VMware Aria Operations for Applications content with a unified VMware Aria Content section
  • Effortlessly create new content for VMware Aria Operations, VMware Aria Operations for Logs, and VMware Aria Operations for Applications using the new SaaS Platform -  Content Builder
  • VMware Aria Operations for Logs - support now available for Federated Queries which provides a single pane of glass to search for logs across on-premises clusters and the SaaS instance delivering comprehensive search experience, along with new content packs for Apache CFL and VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator
  • Visualize the usage summary and health of all VMware Aria Operations for Logs (on-premises) clusters on a single screen with Federated Log Management Support
VMware Private Mobile Network

vSphere 8U2 and vSphere+

  • Includes vSphere 8 Update 2 and new vSphere+ cloud services to deliver key benefits to customers. 
  • Enhance operational efficiency to improve IT productivity and reduce operational expense 
  • Supercharge workload performance to meet the throughput and latency needs of modern distributed workloads 
  • Accelerate innovation for DevOps to easily discover, access and deploy DevOps services 

Empower Hybrid Workforces

Digital Employee Experience

Digital Employee Experience

  • Simplify remediation workflows with integrated playbooks and track playbook success to enable a continuous feedback loop
  • Simplify remediation workflows with integrated playbooks. Track playbook success to enable a continuous feedback loop
Secure the Hybrid Workforce

Unified Endpoint Management & Security

  • Enhanced Intel vPro® and Workspace ONE UEM Chip to Cloud integration makes it even easier to manage and secure devices with an exclusive, native integration, enabling deeper management, even for out-of-band devices
  • Expanded Declarative Device Management enables more efficient configuration and compliance
  • Improved support for managing macOS updates brings greater flexibility and compliance while saving administrator time
VMware Horizon

VDI & DaaS

  • VMware App Volumes support for persistent virtual desktops enables IT to reduce app management time and infrastructure costs with a single solution
  • Manage apps with a unified approach across virtual desktop and app environments with Apps Everywhere
Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management

Anywhere Workspace Platform

  • Powerful data science and automation drive towards the autonomous workspace, with self-healing, self-configuring, and self-securing outcomes
  • Automate across environments with ease using Freestyle Orchestrator and resources from the Workspace ONE Marketplace
VMware Cross-Cloud Services Speed Cloud Transformation

Learn About Our Announcements

  • Get the latest news on VMware Anywhere Workspace solutions, including Digital Employee Experience, Workspace Security, Unified Endpoint Management, and Desktop and App Virtualization
  • Read engaging thought leadership on hybrid work, optimizing IT, security, leveraging data science and automation, and much more

Enable the Multi-Cloud Edge

Introducing VMware Carbon Black XDR

Edge Compute Management Platform

  • Incorporate Project Keswick capabilities and more into a new edge compute orchestration module
  • Deploy and provision edge compute infrastructure and apps at scale with zero touch provisioning 
  • Manage together with other edge services - SD-WAN, security, network analytics, Private 5G 
VMware Contexa: Cloud-Delivered Threat Intelligence

Consolidated Orchestration Across Network, Security and Compute

  • VMware SASE Orchestrator is now VMware Edge Cloud Orchestrator 
  • Orchestrate network services across edge compute, SD-WAN, secure service edge (SSE), Private 5G, and network visibility and analytics 
  • Manage  network and compute solutions standalone or as part of a comprehensive single console 
VMware Carbon Black Cloud Achieves FedRAMP High Authorization 

Edge Firewall with Advanced Threat Protection

  • Stop advanced threats with added IDS/IPS in the SD-WAN Edge firewall 
  • Consolidate hardware with combined SD-WAN and advanced firewall functionality 
  • Simplify management with unified orchestration 
Advanced Workload Protection for AWS

Enhanced Secure Remote Access

  • VMware SD-WAN Client is now VMware SD-Access and will soon be further integrated into the VMware SASE infrastructure and orchestrator 
  • Simplify remote access with a software client for laptops and mobile devices  
  • Optimize application performance for users working anywhere, with zero-trust security 
Multilayer Ransomware Defense

Private Mobile Network Available

  • Private mobile network delivered as a managed service to simplify private 4G/5G connectivity 
  • Removes the complexity associated with private 4G/5G networks and empower the enterprise to focus on their strategic outcomes 
  • Built on VMware Edge Cloud Orchestrator for consolidated edge management  
VMware Carbon Black App Control Introduces Content Inspection

Introducing VMware Retail Edge

  • Bring the power of a software-defined data center to the store 
  • Build, run, manage, connect and protect retail services across all locations 
  • Reduce in-store server hardware and infrastructure, update and modernize new apps on demand, and accelerate deployment of next-generation AI, risk prevention and customer experience apps

VMware Private AI

Announcing Unified Multi-Cloud Management

Get the Flexibility of Choice


  • Get the flexibility to run a range of AI solutions for your environment on NVIDIA or open-source
  • Achieve the best fit for your application and use case


Introducing VMware vCloud Suite+

Deploy with Confidence

  • Mitigate business risks from typical generative AI model issues - data/IP leakage, accuracy, privacy, and security
  • Securely run your private corporate data so you can do fine-tuning, run inferencing, and in some use cases, even training in-house
Achieve Great Performance

Achieve Great Performance

  • Support for major GPU technologies and the pooling of these GPUs to extract great performance for AI workloads
  • The latest benchmark study compared AI workloads on VMware + NVIDIA AI-Ready Enterprise Platform against bare metal. The results show comparable performance, with a difference of only 6% in both training (higher time) and inference (lesser time)
Tech Preview of Migration Assessment Service

Augment Productivity

  • Augment your organization's productivity by building intelligent chatbots and automating repetitive tasks
  • Build intelligent data management systems and process monitoring tools, reducing the redundant time spent by employees

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