Acquired in April 2010



EMC Ionix IT management business solutions improved management and deployment of servers and applications in virtualized datacenters. EMC Ionix focused on simplifying and automating IT management to accelerate the journey to cloud computing and provide visibility and compliance throughout the infrastructure.


VMware’s acquisition of FastScale, Application Discover Manager, Server Configuration Manager and Service Manager complements and expanded our existing vCenter product family, adding capabilities to meet stringent compliance standards. Customers can achieve a holistic view of configuration compliance from underlying physical assets up through applications.

Acquired Product Name
Current VMware Product Name
Acquired Product Name Service Manager (also formerly known as InfraEnterprise)

Application Discovery Manager (also formerly known as nLayers Application Discovery Manager)

Server Configuration Manager (also formerly known as Configuresoft Enterprise Configuration Manager)

Application Stack Manager (also formerly known as FastScale Application Stack Manager)

Configuration Analytics Manager (also formerly known as Configuresoft Configuration Intelligence Analytics)