Acquired in February 2010


Zimbra open source email and collaboration software is designed for virtualization and cloud-scale infrastructure. With over 55 million mailboxes, Zimbra gives users get a full enterprise-level feature set and interoperability with legacy email environments at a lower total cost of ownership than traditional solutions.


VMware virtualization reduces the complexity of the datacenter, desktop and application development, creating a more efficient approach to IT. As both small and large businesses continue to move toward the cloud, they will look for solutions that can run both on-premise, behind the firewall, and in a public cloud. VMware will continue to support Zimbra's open source efforts while optimizing Zimbra products for vSphere-based cloud infrastructures.

Acquired Product Name
Current VMware Product Name
Acquired Product Name Zimbra Desktop, Zimbra Open Source Edition, Zimbra Appliance, Zimbra Network Edition
Current VMware Product Name Zimbra