Realize Your Digital Vision with Atos and VMware

Atos and VMware are committed to a long-term partnership for the benefit of our clients. Our portfolio-wide innovations, built on the foundation of future-proof, software-centric secure infrastructure and speed of delivery of services enable scalability for future growth. We are focused on targeted markets and clients where our business technology ecosystem has a rapid and lasting impact to deliver:

  • Enterprise growth through faster innovation
  • Access to end-to-end solution offerings
  • Seamless experience through joint engagement
  • Reduced risk with built-in security embedded in technology

The VMware and Atos Alliance – Trajectory of Innovative Success

  • Atos has deep industry expertise and is the #1 European cloud provider
  • Choose from more than 1,300 professionals trained and certified in VMware Technology with impressive portfolios, and a global reach across 72 countries
  • Atos has been a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader in data center services for four consecutive years
  • With more than 300 cloud transformation projects completed, Atos focuses on turning technology into actual business value
  • Embark on your digital journey with trusted partners


Digital Workplace with VMware Workspace ONE


Enable workforces to connect, collaborate, and communicate simply and securely while improving personal and business performance with Atos Digital Workplace offering, a new holistic solution that combines the expertise and experience from Atos and VMware.


Key Features the Enhanced Digital Workplace Solution Offers:

  • Freedom and control for both employees and IT—freedom to choose any device and way of working, whilst maintaining IT’s control and oversight
  • Built-in security and robust compliance—with users’ profile/persona governing access to data and apps, providing a true "consumer simple; enterprise secure" workplace
  • More engaged employees—end-users could potentially reduce the time it takes to set up on a new laptop from 90 minutes to five

Atos and VMware’s Digital Private Cloud (DPC)


Today, customers are increasingly challenged to accelerate their digital transformation agendas while nurturing their core business and client relationships. This has brought many customers to a critical fork in the road: on one side, they are struggling to scale and secure their legacy corporate systems of record (ERP, CRM, SCM, and so on); on the other side, they must make these systems accessible to new applications, business partners, and users.


The Atos Digital Private Cloud, part of Atos hybrid cloud managed services, supports digital transformation, allows intelligent placement of applications and services on “fit for purpose” environments, and leverages a unified, fully automated, programmable architecture.

  • Legacy mission-critical applications and services can now co-exist with modern cloud-native, container, and mobile applications without compromise
  • Consistent network and security policies can be extended and adapted from legacy systems and data, and across modern digital applications, users, and devices in real time
  • Effective management of scale, performance, and resilience is achieved as development goes to operations with a simple click

The Atos Digital Private Cloud offering, built on the foundation of future-proof, software-centric, and secure infrastructure technology components from VMware, enables a flexible private cloud solution—either in the customer data center or in an Atos-managed data center. It is a proven, low-risk, and enterprise-grade route to achieve digital transformation for customers.


Be at the forefront of digital innovation in your business with Atos and VMware. Learn how Atos Digital Private Cloud can transform your IT operations to a profit center that supports business growth.

Digital Private Cloud (DPC)



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