On-Demand Disaster Recovery, Delivered

Enhanced Ransomware Recovery

Learn how VMware Cloud DR empowers organizations to confidently recover from ransomware.

Benefits of Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS)

Hear from Gartner and industry experts on how to drive cost optimization with DRaaS.

Drive Business Growth With Smarter DR

Protect your data, minimize downtime, and reduce costs with optimized disaster recovery. VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery enables you to optimally assess and balance your technical capabilities in the cloud, making the process more time and cost efficient. Get a tiered approach to disaster recovery (DR) that helps you balance reliable protection and efficient allocation of DR resources.
Faster Time to Market

Flexible Deployment Options

Get the flexibility to choose between deployment options—set up failover capacity 100% on-demand or with minimal footprint.

Security and Control

Optimized Costs

Leverage the elasticity and reliability of cloud to balance effective DR operations and optimized IT resource allocation to achieve up to 60% lower TCO.

Ease of Use


Get DR that’s SaaS-simple. Use a consistent operating experience on-premises and in the cloud with automated failover and failback.


Pilot Light

Provision a small failover footprint capacity in the cloud and scale on-demand. 

Detailed DR Reports

Provide proof that DR plans are being tested and executed correctly.

Instant Power-On

Easily roll out new infrastructure and applications with minimal training.

Delta-based Failback

Minimize failback cloud egress charges and optimize DR operational costs.

Immutable Snapshots

Protect your data from malware thanks to a deep history of immutable snapshots.

Continuous DR Health Checks

DR health checks are automatically run every 30 minutes for increased reliability.

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Testing Your DR Plans

Test your disastery recovery plans frequently and without disruption.

VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery is priced as a combination of a per-TiB charge based on the protected storage capacity and a per virtual machine charge based on the number of protected VMs (total price = $/TiB + $/VM). To use the offering, you must purchase a committed term subscription for either a 1- or 3-year term for the per-TiB part (for a minimum quantity of 10 TiB).

Egress data charges incurred during typical use of the service for replication to the cloud and failback to the original protected site are covered by the VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery prices listed below. VMware reserves the right to bill you for additional charges corresponding to excessive egress data transfers. Please see the FAQ for more details. VMware Cloud on AWS host charges are not included. You have the option to purchase new host subscriptions, use existing host subscriptions, or pay for hosts on-demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery is an easy-to-use, on-demand disaster recovery (DR) solution, delivered as SaaS, with cloud economics. 

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Please see the detailed FAQ at this link.

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